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Trial Release Guidelines

The following section only applies to our limited trial press release. If you are submitting a paid release, please find our Editorial Guidelines here.

What is a Trial Release?

Our trial release is a free option for customers who wish to post their press release on our site. The trial release provides customers the opportunity to sample how our press release submission process works. A trial release does not provide the same benefits and results a paid distribution plan offers. Please understand the limitations when choosing the trial Release.

Limitations of a Trial Release

No Distribution: A trial release is a posting on our website and receives no distribution to key media points found in our paid distribution plans.

No Guarantee For Publication: As long as your release meet our editorial guidelines, your story will be considered for publication. Due to the high volume of daily submissions, our editorial team will select the most newsworthy stories that will interest our readers. Please ensure your story has a strong news angle to increase your chances for acceptance.

No Support: Please do not contact us if your trial release was not published. We will not provide you with an explanation on why your release has disappeared in your account.

Submission Guidelines

Limit: You are allowed one submission per day. This applies to everyone: individuals, private companies, marketing and PR companies, etc.

Mass Submission Services: We do not accept releases from companies that mass submit press releases to multiple free services on the web.

Automated Submission Software: We do not accept releases from individuals/companies using submission software on our system. eg. Traffic Robot.

Abuse: Customers who repeatedly disregard our guidelines or abuse this service will have their account terminated.

Editorial Guidelines for Trial Release

Please ensure that your press release adheres to these editorial guidelines in order for your story to be considered for publication.

Standard Grammar and Spelling: Your press release submission should be free of spelling and grammatical errors, and must be written entirely in English.

Headline: We do not accept headlines in uppercase or lowercase. The headline should be in capitalized case (the first letter of all major words in the headline should be capitalized. Conjunctions, prepositions and other small words should be lowercase). Do not include “For Immediate Release” or a dateline location in the headline or elsewhere in the release. Your company name needs to be included in the headline for proper attribution.

Subhead: The subhead is also known as the summary. The subheading should not be in capitalized case – this, and the body of the release, should be in sentence case, where just the first letter of the first word in a sentence (and any proper nouns therein) should be capitalized. Do not include “For Immediate Release” or any dateline information in the subhead or elsewhere in the release.

Press Release Body: Please keep your releases as brief and to the point as possible, as brief releases have been found to be the most effective. Do not include any dateline information at the start of your release – our system automatically generates a dateline using the location you entered in the dateline field. Also, do not include "For Immediate Release", or media contact information at the start of the release. You can place your media contact information at the end of your release.

Dateline Location: Here you need to select the city and state or country your release is originating from, for us to populate your dateline. If the city you prefer is not listed, simply select “Other” and then type in the name of the city in the field provided.

Boilerplate/Closing Details: This closing details field is optional, but if you choose to complete it, this is where a boilerplate or “About us” or “About the company” section should go. If you have added the “About the company” already in the body of the release, leave the boilerplate section empty, otherwise it will appear in duplicate.

Contact Information: Press releases must contain valid contact information including a contact name, company name, phone number and email address. Contact information should be in capitalized case and phone number formatted e.g. 222-333-4444. If you do not want to include a state location or phone number, simply put N/A, but one form of contact is required, so an email address must be entered if you are not inputting a phone number and vice versa.

Formatting Codes: HTML tags and other formatting such as non-standard characters, tables or forced line breaks cannot be used.

Paragraph Spacing: Your release must have one line break between paragraphs.

Special Characters: Do not use special symbols in your press release (bullet points, foreign characters, degree or trademark symbols) as our system does not accept these. If you want to include a trademark symbol, use the text version - (TM), TM or (tm).

Duplicate Story: Do not resubmit a story that is already live in our system.

Real Email Address: Stories submitted under an account using a real company email address will have a greater chance for publication. If your account is setup using a free email address, we highly recommend you change it to your company email.

24-7 Press Release Newswire does not accept trial press releases related to the following:

Legal Stories Referencing Cases

Publicly Traded Companies

Stock Picks or Recommendations

Casino/Online Gambling or Sports Betting


Sexual Enhancement Products or Supplements

Sex Toys, Pornographic or Sexually Explicit Materials

Escort Services, Intimate or Erotic Massage Services

Online Pharmacies

Coupon Sites

Select supplements - Raspberry Ketone, Garcinia Cambogia, etc.

Streaming Video Sites

Payday or Short-term Loans

Easy Money or Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

Unlocking Phones


Personal Opinion

Reprints/Copyrighted News Stories

Intent to Harm/Defamatory Comments

Non-English Language

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