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Source Marketing Direct Attends Worldwide Watched Super Bowl

Hector Montalvo of Source Marketing Direct, raised in Boston, will be there to support his home team not only due to his passion for the sport itself, but also because of the success seen attributed to the sporting mentality the Patriots follow.

    LONDON, ENGLAND, February 03, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Super Bowl of 2011 was watched by over 110 million people worldwide. In 2012 the event takes place on February 5th in Indianapolis, Indiana. The stadium will hold 70,000 supporters to both the New England Patriots and the New York Giant teams. The Super Bowl 2012 will see two world class sporting teams battle it out for the top position this coming weekend. Hector Montalvo of Source Marketing Direct, a London based Marketing and Sales firm, is not only a home fan of the New England Patriots but also a small business owner who understands closely the relationship between business and sport. Source Marketing Direct was opened in 2008 in London by Hector Montalvo who has continued to follow successful sporting teams for relevant coaching systems. Montalvo highlights "the focus, training, preparation, dedication, determination, will and discipline involved goes side by side in both sport and business". Due to the competitiveness around 'winning' in both the sports and business arenas, the idea of 'sports mentality' transfers very naturally into the business world. Source Marketing Direct is one such firm that believes sports mentality has contributed immensely to the success the firm has seen the last 4 years in the UK market.

Hector Montalvo of Source Marketing Direct says "We share a lot of the Patriots team philosophies implemented by their coach Bill Belichick. Belichick speaks a lot about his focus with the team in being 'fundamentally strong' and this is undoubtedly the way I view my business as well. If the fundamentals are right, which in the marketing and sales industry refers to the people, the rest falls into place.'

Source Marketing Direct also uses the 'Patriot Way' to define its performance based principles. Eric Mangini (NFL Analyst) spoke on ESPN earlier this week about the 'Patriot Way' and how this contributes to the team's success so far this season. Mangini described three factors Egoless, Focus and Consistency. Hector Montalvo of Source Marketing Direct commented "There are so many similarities. For me, the first point Mangini made about being 'egoless' really hit home. My first year in business didn't go that well and I know now that this was mainly because I had not yet learnt to put other people's goals above my own. I was all about my vision, and how that would benefit me. Now with every Entrepreneur I mentor my first lesson is always in 'ego less' so that there is equality among everyone. The second point he made about focus is of course a given in most businesses but especially in an industry as cut throat as Direct Marketing, one slip and that momentum you had worked so hard for is gone. Finally I think what Mangini said about consistency is so true. A person needs to be the same person every day, I plan a lot around peoples strengths, just like the Pats do in their game plans, and if someone is inconsistent in the results they produce it is difficult to plan around that person. If someone is inconsistent it lets the entire team down".

Source Marketing Direct are excited to be traveling to Indiana this weekend and will be cheering for the New England Patriots to take home the championship title.

In a response to a demand by service and entertainment clients in need of a more personal and effective marketing approach, Source Marketing Direct Ltd was established in the United States in 2001 and was incorporated in England in 2008 where we are currently and solely based. We are a privately owned, outsourced direct sales & marketing company that concentrates on acquiring customers for a portfolio of various clientele throughout the whole of the UK.

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