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4th R Foundation We Have Figured Out the Fundamental Causes of the Current Economic and Emotional Mess in the World by Figuring out Answers to Some of the Mysteries of Philosophy, Science and Religion

Our education system in the current form educates the mind and neglects educating and even miseducates the brain. This creates emotionally challenged brains on a mass scale that results in all these massive problems that seem beyond fixing...

    NEW YORK, NY, July 24, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- We have figured out the fundamental causes of the current economic and emotional mess in the world and what actions we need to take to put the world back on the right track. It is now up to our leaders if they really want real progress. Our education system in the current form educates the mind and neglects educating and even miseducates the brain. This creates emotionally challenged brains on a mass scale that results in all these massive problems that seem beyond fixing...

1) What is wisdom?

Wisdom is the cover word for its attributes. Wisdom cannot be acquired on its own as wisdom can only exist in its attributes. So to acquire wisdom one has to acquire wisdom's attributes. The nature of wisdom's attributes is such that they all come in one package. Love contains all the other attributes of wisdom. Sincerity contains all the other attributes of wisdom. So acquiring any one of the attributes becomes an acquisition of all the attributes of wisdom. Also all the attributes are made up of selflessness. So if one holds love one is holding selflessness expressed as love. When one is sincere one is expressing selflessness as sincerity. Being selfless is being all the attributes of wisdom. The attributes of wisdom are in reality the attributes of selflessness. For further details please google: ... tHtpuaKskg

2) What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence has four parts: self-awareness, managing our emotions, empathy, and social skill." - Daniel Goleman

Emotional intelligence has just one part and it is selflessness/wisdom! - Sajid Khan

For further details please Google:

EIN Presswire - Emotional Intelligence at the Super Mature Stage is ...

3) What is the message of the Bible?

What the Bible is essentially saying is that man was made pure and it was Satan who changed man into an impure being and now man has a choice to either give in to the impure self or rise above it all and again become pure wisdom, full of all good. God made us pure and Satan made us impure and so the path man must take is to become pure again. For further details please Google:

The Amazing Message of the Bible; as Scientific as Pure Education ...

4) Why is society the way it is?

It is because a huge part of the population in all great and small cities is emotionally challenged. In the majority of cases the fault lies with our leaders in government and our leaders in education. Emotionally challenged students enter the class room at the kindergarten level and they stay in school for many years, most almost till High School. Yet in all this time we make little effort to address their emotional intelligence imbalances. We wrongly label them as failures and we actually set them up to become criminals and dependent members of society. For full details please google:

Why is Society the Way it is? Because it is Pay Back Time by Sajid ...

5) What is peace?

Only when man understands the true nature of peace will there be movement toward peace. Peace can only be understood when we understand the true nature of wisdom as peace is an attribute of wisdom. As wisdom is selflessness; peace is selflessness. Peace is a fragrance of the pure self. Peace is an innate property of the pure self. Only when both adversaries have a real transformation not just in attitude toward each other and also toward their own outlook on life will there be real peace. Please Google: ... dhafTI5BxQ

6) What is the difference between brain and mind?

'The brain is the engine, while the car is the physical body of the human being where the mind is the driver of this car of life.' The brain is like the small child, the teenager, the adult and or the master. The mind is the manager. The manager has access to reality while the child, the teenager and to some extent the adult lives in his own dream world. First and foremost they both have overlapping hardware. Where the brain develops this hardware that the mind totally depends on. So the quality of the brain supplied hardware on which the mind depends determines the mind's own quality. For further reading please google: ... EWMCICViYQ

7) What is eternal time?

'Every tomorrow comes and before you know it, it becomes yesterday; unless you master time and make it eternal.' Eternal time has three main attributes. It is forever. It is in the now. And it is packed with power and value. So we do understand two out of three... For further reading please Google:

What is eternal time? - brainwizard

8) Why do we have so much divorce in America?

Most marriage relationships are strained due to self image falling for self image; become your true selves and then decide if you still want a divorce. By becoming your true self you will taste the flavors of divine love with your current spouse. For further reading please Google:

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9) Can emotions be measured?

I have combined behavioral psychology with quantifying the mind as follows:
a)Premature mind of a new born child quantified with a value of negative 2.
b)Immature mind of a teenager quantified with a value of negative 1.
c)Mature mind of an adult quantified with a value of positive 1.
d)Super mature mind of a master quantified with a value of positive 2.

As all human behavior including emotions spring from mostly one of the above mind levels I have quantified all human behavior by the level of the mind it is coming from. For instance murder is a -2 activity. To be humble is a +2 behavior. For further reading please Google:


10) Who is the greatest mind scientist?

Jesus the World Chancellor of the Universal University of Eternal Wisdom. I am saying this not because I have blind faith in Jesus as the son of God. I am saying this because I have searched far and wide to understand how to become free and I have found that there is no greater guide to free will than the insights of Jesus the Christ. For further reading please google:

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Please also Google: ... jspddCKxXQ

12) ... njfq1x/817

13) What is pure happiness? - brainwizard

14) We at the 4th R Foundation Have Come up With a Proposal to ...

15) The 4th R Foundation is Looking for Partnership with Governments ...

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