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President Obama and Our Lawmakers Must Realize That Inequality is a Direct Result of Our Brain Education Being Emotionally Challenged - We Can Drastically Reduce This Gap by Reforming Brain Education

Since ancient times we have always had four classes of people because our emotional-intelligence/brain/wisdom education creates four different levels of emotional brains that create these four classes and the gaps between them.

    RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, February 01, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- This year's main theme for the State of the Union was about addressing the widening gap between the top and the bottom. The nature of reality is such that it is virtually like a race between a tortoise and a hare. As time passes the gap will only widen. Even if President Obama and every single Republican and Democrat lawmaker passed laws to lessen this gap; this divide will only keep getting bigger. Perhaps in another few decades we will see the first trillioniares.

President Obama's call for action to be more fair to our poor by increasing the minimum wage is timely and just but it will go only so far. It will financially improve the lives of just less then 4% of the population; still it must be done. However the biggest need of the hour, in fact since ancient times; has been the same and it affects/effects 80% of the population.

The real cause of this huge gap is that we have cutting edge mind education along with emotionally challenged brain education. It is our very own defective brain education that creates 80% emotionally challenged brains to varying levels. As a result we have had since ancient times four classes of people.

We start pre-K with about 20% emotionally premature/challenged (-2) brains, 30% emotionally immature/challenged (-1) brains, 30% emotionally mature/challenged (+1) brains and only 20% with emotionally super-healthy/super-mature (+2) brains.

Suppose the -2 emotional brain has the capacity for 1 gallon of mind education, -1 emotional brain 2 gallon capacity, +1 has 3 gallon capacity and +2 has 4+ gallon capacity. When the teacher tries to put 4 gallons of mind education into each and every brain then the -2 brain absorbs only 1 gallon and so forth...Therefore -2 brain ends up being a -2 student and a -2 person in education with -2 returns from life. -2 brains also create hard core criminals which causes so much more harm to even the +2 brains. -1 brains cause man to be corrupt and this again drags the rest down. +1 creates trophy self images and as result America is a trophy self image driven society. Everyone wants to be Bill Gates. +1 brain causes unhappiness, sleeplessness, restlessness, greed, jealousy, the whole quality of life remains +1.

This mind education learning pattern is reflected in education results as well as real life results. We do not know the exact statistics but perhaps 20% of the students, representing the 20% -2 emotional brains never graduate, 30% take more then 6 six years, 30% take more than four years and only 20% representing the 20% +2 brains graduate within 4 years or less. It is no coincidence that 20% of New Yorkers are living at or below the poverty line and almost 50% of the US population is dependent in some form on the government for financial support.

No amount of good laws, better pay and even improvement in regular/mind education will change the fundamentals for emotionally challenged brains. America and the world is a majority emotionally challenged society. The sooner our President and our lawmakers realize this the sooner they can take action to remove the real cause of all this poverty and mess in society. Our Leaders can change America from a trophy self-image driven society into a pure-self society by introducing brain education for the young and the old.

Much can be achieved by the President and our leaders using the bully pulpit to wake America up to the dangers of the trophy self image. Just by changing the upbringing of our children from making them grow up with the belief that each one is the best. Only when we nurture our children into becoming their pure self we will bring real change to America. It will improve every sector of life and even though it will not make America a classless society and will not bridge the gap between the top and bottom it will improve the life of every class of society. It will also dramatically improve the finances of the -2, -1 and +1 classes that this State of the Union tried to address.

Not just inequality but all life can be improved to the 'wisdom-level'. Just imagine the rewards of shaking off our trophy self-image and becoming our 'pure self'...

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