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Monavie And Resveratrol Capitalizing On Acai Berry Health Benefits

Learn how companies like Monavie Juice and products like Resveratrol Supplements are capitalizing on the acai berry health benefits. Acai Berries have quickly became one of the most popular supplements because of all of their health benefits.

    INDIANAPOLIS, IN, August 15, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The acai berry comes from the acai palm tree which is native to Central and South American regions. Acai palm trees are found in countries such as Brazil, Belize and Peru. They grow well in floodplains and swamps. They are slender and tall with an average height of around 16 to 30 meters. Resveratrol is actually found in amazon acai berries. Resveratrol has been linked to some great health benefits and offers a unique weight loss solution. Monavie is a company that has a good selling product with acai berry ingredients in it. This is what Monavie thrives off is its Mona Vie Juice Supplement. But what make both Monavie and Resveratrol tick and become good health products, it is the acai berry ingredient that has so many people wanting more of it!

As for the acai berries that are harvested from acai palm trees, they are small and round with a diameter of about an inch. It has a similar size and appearance with that of a regular grape. Each year, acai berries can be harvested from acai palm trees twice.

The acai berry palm tree has been considered as the most important plant species in the populations of natives living in the Amazon regions of Brazil because the fruit that it produces, the acai berry, is one of the major components of their diet. It is also used as an herbal medicine which they use in treating illnesses and all kinds of ailments. It was also economically valuable in their region.

Today, the acai berry is used to create all kinds of health products and supplements such juice blends, smoothies, energy drinks, powders and capsules. This is the same with the popular Monavie Juice. Many studies have also been conducted to know more about the nutrients that this fruit has as well as the actual benefits that it offers. Some of the health benefits that this amazing fruit has would include its ability to: improve mental health and concentration; improve sleep quality; enhance healthy blood circulation; assist in weight loss; strengthen the body's immunity against diseases and illnesses; treat the symptoms of illnesses; act as an anti-inflammatory agent; lower the levels of bad cholesterol and blood sugar; lower blood pressure; increase sexual desire; improve sexual performance; improve vision or eyesight; boost energy levels; and relieve stress and tension.

From the time that the modern world discovered these benefits, the demand for acai berry products rose dramatically. And along with acai berries came resveratrol supplements. This is why you can buy acai berry products almost anywhere. However, make sure that the store you would be buying your acai berry products from, whether online or offline, is a reputable one offering quality health supplements. This would ensure you that you would be able to receive all the benefits of the fruit. Also remember to try making some healthy changes in your lifestyle such as making your diet more balanced, exercising regularly and avoiding bad habits like smoking and excessive drinking.

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