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SEO and e-commerce Online Strategy Are Key To Future Growth

Magico is an expert at customizing eCommerce and online marketing solutions. They offer a comprehensive array of online marketing strategies to improve your online sales by harnessing a complete solution which actuates your key target customer base while expanding market share.

    ENNIS, IRELAND, February 05, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Magico starts every new client project with a key question - how do we best grow online sales? This goal influences the eCommerce web design strategy which is unique for each business. We live in a world where online activity is more present and prevalent in our lives than ever before. Our world is changing and the rapidity of this changing world means that all of our business transactions, private and otherwise, become more manageable when completed online. Our shopping, banking, holiday arrangements and work all take place via computer. Our internet accessibility is constant, our lives, whether work or social, revolve around the world of online solutions. We probably spend more time online than we do watching television.

The facts are clear and simple: investing in eCommerce strategy is the only way to successfully manage and expand your business today. It is clear that companies who have both a retail outlet and an online shopping website will do best. More and more people across the UK and Ireland are reverting to online shopping and the stats speak for themselves. On 7 December in the UK alone GBP1.4m was spent online at 13:43 in only one minute, and online sales peaked at GBP33m between 13:00 and 14:00 the same day. This is shopping and spending in the extreme, which makes one wonder why you as a managing director would not consider an eCommerce strategy for winning business in 2010.

An online shop is always open, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Your customer base is worldwide and you are not only restricted to Irish sales, but become accessible to shoppers from all over the world. Your product selection can be expansive and multifarious online too, which means better choices for customers, higher purchase opportunities and boosted sales for your corporation. Once customers decide to try to online shopping, keep in mind the power of "word-of-mouth" as one customer tells another about the benefits of buying online. The initial purchase from a singular customer will also mean repeat business if the online shopping experience is positive and enjoyable.

Customer behaviour and customer shopping patterns can be monitored too, as all of this data will be accessible when customers make purchases during online shopping. This is why a progressive eCommerce web design approach is vital. A well designed eCommerce site will entice further happy online customers to frequent the brick and mortar store (Web-to-Store Shopping), especially if they are buying products such as furniture, home appliances and computers.

The great value in online marketing and eCommerce software in the development of a beneficial eCommerce strategy is simple. If you do not offer a formidable and attractive online shopping solution, no one will visit your site. If you don't attract any new visitors to your website, you will not benefit from your initial investment. A flourishing online store means an intelligently designed website which will attract consumers and visitors. At the eCommerce approach is comprehensive and detailed. All marketing strategies are laser-targeted to push internet savvy visitors to your site. Making online shops visible in search engines is where the difficulty lies, but has the knowledge, skill set and online marketing strategies that will guarantee top rankings in your specific industry. is proud of our customer-focused eCommerce strategies that we offer to current clients and potential new customers. The benefits of eCommerce online sales and marketing strategies mean that with a well constructed website, your ability to drive online shoppers is increased and your customer loyalty evolves too.

To view our portfolio please visit Magico's own website ( and if you would like to discuss your own eCommerce plans simply get in touch ( If you want to increase market share for your business and engage with new online customers, contact for winning online marketing solutions. will help you to increase your online sales potential by redesigning your website so that it works for you by growing your online business. knows all about the power of driving shoppers to your online store where they can browse your product range and make secure purchases.

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