All Press Releases for February 05, 2010

Internet Company Offers To Help Newly Elected U.S. Senator Scott Brown With Potential Truck Woes

MOVETHECARNOW.COM is an innovative Internet company that offers a service to remind car owners to move their cars before the restricted parking begins.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, February 05, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- MOVETHECARNOW.COM is an innovative Internet company that offers a service to remind car owners to move their cars before the restricted parking begins. If a car is found on the street during restricted parking days, the car owner may be fined $50. If towing is required, the car owner may be out of hundreds of dollars.


The way the service works is simple. Car owners can sign up for an account at the website for a small fee. When restricted parking begins, a reminder message is sent via email and phone call to the car owner. This way, the owner can avoid getting fined just because he or she forgot about moving the car during restricted parking time zones.

The service benefits everyone - especially those who cannot afford getting parking tickets. Individuals like single moms or those who are not wealthy but still need to own a car for a living will find this service most useful.

John Welty, the President of the Company, really wanted to reach out to those who require assistance. When he learned that Nadya Suleman (also known as Octomom), who is now famous for giving birth to Octuplets (8 babies), couldn't afford to continue paying for her gym membership, John was there to offer his assistance.

A special promotion for single moms.

John recognized that many mothers like Nadya Suleman may be having a hard time coping with the additional expenses that come with child birth and child rearing. A parking ticket may the last thing that the family needs. To prevent ticket enforcement officials from dipping into the pockets of these care givers, MOVETHECARNOW is offering single moms a discount called the Octomom discount (thanks to Nadya Suleman for the inspiration). People who wish to join can enter the promo code "octomom" and receive a 10% discount on its website service.

Give Los Angeles Parking Enforcement "The Boot" with special offer.

Recently, in Washington, D.C., news about booting rules have been causing an uproar in many Internet communities. Bloggers and consumers have been complaining about the unconscionable reduction from three parking tickets to two to get the boot. Many years ago, a car owner would have to receive up to 10 tickets to get the boot. Now, it just seems too easy to be getting the boot with the new rules.

In addition, Sweepercams are now used to monitor 100% of sweeper routes. This means that there will be a dramatic increase in warnings and parking tickets being dished out by enforcement officials. The booting rate will also increase drastically.

MOVETHECARNOW hopes to turn the table around by giving enforcement "The Boot" by encouraging new member sign ups with special offers. For more details, find out more at the website.

"Even a newly elected U.S. Senator like Scott Brown will face the spectre of getting his now "infamous" truck ticketed or even towed when parking around Washington DC.

Senator Scott Brown needs to concentrate on his new job and not worry about his truck getting slapped with parking tickets or be given the boot," said John Welty.

John hopes to help Senator Scott Brown by offering advice on the parking situation in Washington DC and offers to give Scott a free membership.

Hopefully, the Senator's truck woes will be gone with this offer. MOVETHECARNOW invites Scott to get in touch with the Company as soon as possible.

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