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Cooking on the Light Side: Smart Recipes for Bright Skin and Vitality. Nutritional Scientist, Dr. Thienna, Presents a Cookbook Extension of Her Breakthrough Discovery of the "Secret" to Great Health!

Imagine having the ability to stop and possibly reverse skin imperfections, increase stamina, and harness physical strength. That secret is packed in this groundbreaking cookbook.

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, July 14, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Imagine having the ability to stop and possibly reverse skin imperfections, increase stamina, and harness physical strength. Many nutritional guides and dietary plans have complex solutions to a healthier you, but fail to produce results. Nutritional specialist, Thienna Ho, Ph.D. , is the first to shine a light on an essential nutrient needed to a clearer, brighter complexion and robust health. That secret is packed in her groundbreaking Cooking on the Light Side: Smart Recipes for Bright Skin and Vitality.

This cookbook is the companion volume to Eat Your Way to Lighter Skin, in which years of research led her to discover how foods affect skin tone and complexion and fitness. As a nutritional scientist and "superhuman" athlete who holds two Guinness World Records for physical endurance, Thienna is living proof that her program brings results. In addition, the healthy power of a highly concentrated sulfur diet has been used throughout the ages.

Although the answer to better health is simple, the execution and integration is the hardest part to master. This book shows you how to pack the key nutrients for healthy skin into every meal and snack with countless tips and guidelines throughout. In addition, Thienna shares nutritional and appetizing recipes that are incomparable in taste, low in calories and high in hidden fiber and nutrients. From learning the benefits of oat groats, to choosing the right fruit, to a Ham and Artichoke Quiche recipe, each page is overflowing with refreshing and appealing information. Thienna keenly integrates her text with eye-popping pictures and readers are left with a better understanding of wholesome foods... and a growling stomach. She comments, "Learn how every phase of the cooking process can contribute to great skin, from food purchase to the condiments you place on your table."

Along with countless recipes and useful charts, Cooking on the Light Side is the first to reveal Bruce Lee's successful dietary plan. All in all, Thienna Ho's new cookbook is sure to transform the lives and health of those willing to take a walk on the "light side".

THE 7-DAY MIRACLE PROOF: Do you get red eyes from wearing contact lenses, eye allergies, dry eyes, frequent use of eye drops, medication, lack of sleep, or jet lag? Thienna says she can brighten the whites of your eyes, prevent red-eye occurences, and improve your vision in just 7 days-- naturally. No more chemical-based eye drops! This secret is shared with you when you get her E-cookbook for a test drive. She says, "you will be amazed!"

ISBN: 978-0-9792103-7-2
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Thienna is the recipient of 7 book awards! As of this writing, Thienna holds two Guinness World Records: 1) Most Sumo Squats in One Hour (5,135 squats), and 2) Longest Samson's Chair (static wall sit for 11 hours, 51 minutes, and 14 seconds). See her world records at These feats are listed in The Guinness Book of World Records 2009, Believe the Unbelievable (Bartleby Press, 2009), and Pure Grit by Paddy Doyle (AuthorHouse 2009). Thienna is confidently preparing to attempt another Guinness World Record, this one for the greatest weight dead-lifted in one hour. In training, she already has exceeded the current Guinness record of 69,445 pounds lifted in one hour. The set date for this event is August 14th, 2010 in San Francisco. This event will be streaming Live at at 12 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) USA. Watch for our press release.

Thienna has been featured in Exceptional People Magazine, AsianWeek, Dermatology Times, and other publications, as well as in a number of television and radio interviews.

Thienna is founder of THIENNA INC., the science-based developer, manufacturer, and marketer of a line of strictly natural nutritional supplements and skin care products that are part of her nutrient-based approach to skin health. These FAIRSKIN products are designed to improve overall skin health and address a variety of common skin problems, such as age spots, uneven skin tone, sun discoloration, spotty or scarred skin, and hyperpigmentation. These products contain no botanically based or toxic chemicals, drugs, or steroids.

DISCLAIMER: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not evaluated these statements. This cookbook or method is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

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