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DZT Whole Body Vibration Fitness Seals a Deal with Top Canadian TV Show "The Dragons Den" - DZT Designed, Developed and Manufacture the DZT Ultra Vibe Whole Body Vibration Fitness Machine

DZT Whole Body Vibration Fitness enters the "Lair" on Canadian hit reality TV Show the "Dragons Den". DZT has won the approval of the legendary Dragons and will be featured on one of this coming season's episodes.

    NORTH VANCOUVER, BC, August 22, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- DZT Whole Body Vibration Fitness, a Vancouver based fitness company, designed, developed and manufactures a unique whole body vibration fitness machine that are proven to increase muscle mass, tone the body and reduce weight in as little as 10 minutes per day, scored a big hit with the ruthless Dragons and all showed huge interest in the project. Details as to the outcome will be revealed in one of the coming seasons episodes.

The DZT Whole Body Vibration Fitness concept harnesses the body's natural response to vibrations - a constant flexing and toning of muscles - to stimulate health and muscle building, encourage toning and kick-start sluggish metabolisms. The WBV fitness system developed by husband and wife team Douglas and Zlatica Nevin, marketed from their North Shore business in partnership with their son Taylor, encourages faster lymphatic drainage; promotes bone strength; and improves circulation.

Major American sports leagues have been using the technology with proven success - NHL; NFL; and NBA use it to add an extra bar to their training regimes, while hospitals, physiotherapists, health centers and wellness centers have also latched onto the system.

The fearsome Dragons - normally prepared to chew up and spit out their entrepreneurial hopefuls in the name of TV entertainment! - gobbled up the DZT WBV Fitness idea in one big satisfied chunk. What did The Dragons Den find so tasty in the DZT idea? It's the genius of translating the vibration tech from gyms and wellness centers to the home, where normal people can use it to achieve personal goals.

People who don't like going to the gym, don't have time to go to the gym or can't afford a gym membership can purchase a home version of the winning DZT machine, which is available either as a portable machine (the DZT Ultra Vibe V2000 Portable $799); or as a Light Industrial machine (the DZT Ultra Vibe V7000 $1799) and can be financed for as little as $39/Month. The crossover health appeal of the machine combined with a time efficient, low impact, high result workout is appealing to almost anyone looking to increase their health and wellness.

DZT WBV Fitness has achieved its status as one of the top ten progressive fitness companies in the country entirely as a result of the unique Whole Body Vibration machines. As the other top whole body vibration companies struggle to keep up, DZT Fitness is streaking ahead - with the backing of the Dragons Den and its eye on the future. Look out for a WBV Fitness health and wellness centre near you soon!

DZT Whole Body Vibration Fitness Inc. is one of the top whole body vibration companies in the world and have developed their own range of WBV Fitness machines for both private and industrial use. From home gym to commercial fitness centre, the Dragons Den approved WBV technology and sees this technology catching on like wildfire.


Whole Body Vibration is a proven science and backed by years of research. This revolutionary technology is currently used by many NHL, CFL, NFL and NBA teams, hospitals, physiotherapists, chiropractors, wellness centres and many other professional atheletes. Vibration fitness machine training has also emerged as the latest secret weapon among celebrities and their trainers.

The DZT FITNESS program takes ONLY 10 MINUTES A DAY and is the most time effective Health, Wellness and Fitness Program available today. Using Whole BodyVibration will effectively help you to build muscle mass, tone and tighten your body, improve mood, energy and much more.

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