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Pomona Dentist Soothes Patients' Toothache

Dr. Michael Bleyzer, Pomona dentist, discusses common causes of toothache and treatments that relieve it.

Dr. Michael Bleyzer, Pomona dentist, discusses common causes of toothache and treatments that relieve it.

    POMONA, NY, November 09, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Some toothaches come and go, so people ignore it. No one should ignore a toothache because it's a warning sign for dental issues: tooth decay, tooth fracture, abscessed tooth or worn teeth. Dr. Bleyzer can't stress enough how important it is for patients to understand common causes of toothache and what neglect can do to a tooth.

"It's true that a toothache can be caused by something as simple as repetitive motion of your teeth and jaw. However, toothache also acts as a warning sign for more serious dental issues. If you wait too long, you can seriously damage your natural teeth. At my practice, I offer excellent dental care for general, emergency and restorative dental reasons," said Dr. Bleyzer, Pomona dentist.

General dentistry works to improve patients' oral health, and professional cleanings and oral examinations are the first protection against tooth decay (cavities) and gum disease-two main causes of toothache. Dr. Bleyzer examines teeth to make sure the tooth structure and enamel are strong. Enamel is the first coating on the tooth, and it's one of the strongest tissues in the human body; however, this doesn't mean it can't be broken down. At Dr. Bleyzer's practice, restorative treatments for cavities include mercury-free bonded composite and porcelain fillings.

An abscessed tooth also causes toothache because tooth decay or trauma has infected the tooth's pulp (nerve). Depending on when patients get treatment, toothache can range from mild to moderate. Dr. Bleyzer wants to preserve a patient's natural tooth, so his practice offers root canal therapy, which usually takes one dental visit.

Nocturnal grinders also put their teeth at risk. Patients who constantly grind their teeth wear down the enamel, so they increase their chances of causing decay, infection or chips in a tooth. Don't ignore a toothache. If patients don't get a toothache examined, they can develop severe decay, and sometimes a root canal can't save a tooth. Thus, an extraction might be in order.

For toothache due to chips and cracks, Dr. Bleyzer can repair a chipped tooth by reattaching the broken piece of tooth or using a tooth-colored filling. He can also cover fractured teeth with crowns, depending on the location of the tooth. Thankfully, Dr. Bleyzer is one of the best emergency dentists in Pomona. He can restore smiles, and protect teeth against bacteria that try to get into an opening of the tooth. Let Dr. Bleyzer, Pomona emergency dentist, relieve toothache and restore the health of a tooth.

Dr. Bleyzer, Stony Point, NY dentist, prides himself on keeping up with the latest techniques and technology as he delivers quality service in a conservative style. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Bleyzer, call (845) 429-8060 or complete an appointment request form on his comprehensive, user-friendly website at

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