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Smooth Out Corner Lines With Botox Treatment In Newburgh

Dr. Geraldine Petrosino, Newburgh, NY dentist, offers Botox treatment to treat corner lines around the mouth and other dental related issues.

Dr. Geraldine Petrosino, Newburgh, NY dentist, offers Botox treatment to treat corner lines around the mouth and other dental related issues.

    NEWBURGH, NY, December 29, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- When people picture a smile, they usually think about the teeth. But it isn't all about the teeth-your lips and skin around the mouth also compliment a smile. However, some people are a little self conscious about the corner lines around their mouths.

Years of smiling and other facial expressions may have etched lines into your face. Repetitive facial motion ends up wearing down the face's deep tissue. Thus, many patients notice the lip corners turn down (also known as smoker's wrinkles), so they look like they are frowning. Dr. Geraldine Petrosino, Newburgh, NY dentist, can help wipe away wrinkles and give your smile a boost. At Dr. Petrosino's practice, she offers Botox treatment for mouth lines and other issues.

How do smoker's wrinkles (corner mouth wrinkles) form?
As you get older, the fat underneath your skin diminishes and produces less hyaluronic acid. And collagen and elastic fibers start to break down and don't regenerate. At a young age, facial expressions don't bother the facial skin as much-the skin around your mouth, eyes and forehead quickly bounce back. However, older men and women in their late 30's and older will notice visible, defined lines. To combat signs of aging, you can consult with Dr. Petrosino about Botox.

"Botox relaxes the muscles around your mouth. The botulinum in Botox blocks the nerves from receiving chemical signals. It temporarily relaxes the facial muscles that define wrinkles. A proper injection can create a natural look and a youthful smile. While we do offer Botox for anti-aging purposes, it can also be used for therapeutic reasons," explains Dr. Petrosino, Newburgh, NY dentist.

Botox treatment in Newburgh can reduce temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain, treat gummy smiles and reduce wear on teeth. Habitual teeth grinding and clenching of the jaw are what causes TMJ pain and worn teeth. With the muscles constantly constricting, it increases the pain. Botox can relax those muscles and alleviate pain. For gummy smiles, Botox decreases the amount of elevator muscles that raise the smile up. With a Botox injection, the upper lip muscles relax and fall a little, covering the excessive gum tissue.

It's important to find a dentist who has training in facial esthetics. A dentist needs to understand the structure of the muscles underneath the skin of the face. Dr. Petrosino has received advanced training in facial esthetics from New York University, so she can properly administer Botox.
Not everyone is a candidate for a quick Botox fix. Some patients may benefit more from another treatment, and Dr. Petrosino and her dental team will be honest and accurate with diagnosis.

To schedule an appointment for Botox treatment in Newburgh, call (845) 566-8450 or submit an appointment form via Dr. Petrosino's website at

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