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Newport Beach, CA Colonoscopy Doctor Encourages Patients To Prioritize Their Colon Health

Patients are encouraged to visit Dr. Glenn D. Madokoro for a colonoscopy in Newport Beach.

Patients are encouraged to visit Dr. Glenn D. Madokoro for a colonoscopy in Newport Beach.

    NEWPORT BEACH, CA, December 29, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The colon is like the waste basket of the body--it holds all of the unwanted stuff that the body wants to get rid of until it's time to "take out the trash." Some people experience colon-related medical issues that interrupt this process or have pain when eliminated. In some cases the colon just needs a general yet thorough checkup. For a colonoscopy Newport Beach patients often visit Dr. Glenn D. Madokoro's office. He's a gastroenterologist who specializes in colon tests.

What Is a Colonoscopy?
A colonoscopy is a procedure where the doctor inserts a tool (called a colonoscope) into the colon that can take video or pictures of what's going on inside. It is one of the best ways to identify potential issues in the colon, including inflammation, bleeding, polyps, tumors or other abnormalities. It can also remove polyps and allow the doctor to do a biopsy on abnormal cells.

Why is a Colonoscopy Necessary?
One of the questions that Dr. Madokoro often fields is "why is this type of test necessary?" According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 50,000 people succumb to colorectal cancer each year. That number could be reduced with proper testing -- this type of cancer is very much preventable and reversible when caught early. A colonoscopy gives the Newport Beach colonoscopy doctor a clear picture of what is going on and can also catch changes that could indicate pre-cancerous cells. Another common problem is ulcers that develop in the digestive tract-this test can locate them so that the doctor can prescribe a solution. Patients who are 50 and older are encouraged to get a colonoscopy regularly to catch and prevent potential issues.

How Does the Procedure Go?
The process of getting a colonoscopy starts days before the appointment. The patient must follow doctor's orders and may have to stay on a strict liquid diet for a time. The night before the appointment the patient may have to take a laxative to completely cleanse the large intestine. The goal is to get the colon as clear as possible so that nothing obstructs the doctor's view. The doctor inserts the colonoscope and carefully examines the inside of the colon. A colonoscopy may cause some discomfort, so it requires sedation.

Your Colon Health Matters
Though the idea of getting a colonoscopy might not be the most exciting thing you have planned this year, it's important to put it in the right perspective. Getting one will allow your doctor to rule out potential issues and ensure your ongoing colon (and overall) health. Your colon is an extremely important part of your body's elimination and detoxifying process. Call Dr. Madokoro's Newport Beach colonoscopy office to set up an appointment, and ask questions about getting your first colonoscopy.

About Glenn D. Madokoro, MD: With years of gastrointestinal care, Dr. Glenn Madokoro invites patients to visit his Newport Beach, CA office for superior care. Whether a patient in Newport Beach is in need of a colonoscopy, endoscopy or treatment of polyps, Dr. Madokoro works with each individual patient to develop the best treatment plan available.

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