All Press Releases for March 26, 2015

Gayle Lukas and Rebecca Ewing Will Assist with Regulatory Research for National Canine Breeding Reform Group

RCBA Adds to Research Team

Reform Canine Breeding and Auctions (RCBA) is composed of volunteers who seek to improve conditions for dogs being bred for profit.

    HARTFORD, CT, March 26, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Reform Canine Breeding and Auctions (RCBA) is composed of volunteers who seek to improve conditions for dogs being bred for profit. They are working to identify where and how regulation of commercial dog breeders could have the most positive influence on both canine breeders and their dogs.

Gayle Lukas lends her talents to the organization as a regulatory research delegate. With an educational background in Public Administration (Masters) and Government/Political Science/Law (Undergraduate), she is familiar with research processes and diplomacy.

Officially retired after 36 years with the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare, she now has time to volunteer in Pennsylvania state government. Ms. Lukas assists with the legislative research that is necessary to the formation of bills. She will bring this experience to RCBA as it strives to negotiate balanced expectations for the dog breeding industry.

Ms. Lukas was drawn to RCBA after hearing about a very poorly run puppy mill in Missouri and the ensuing rescue of the puppies. "Ron Sturgeon [founder of the group] had the idea of focusing, in the future, on the regulation and registration of dog breeders so that rescues like this would not be necessary. I liked his idea, so I contacted RCBA and volunteered," she said.

"I have always loved dogs. My husband and I currently have a pair of King Charles Cavaliers, a German Shepherd, and a Shetland Sheepdog. We take in strays and try to place them. Some strays we've ended up keeping over the years," said Ms. Lukas.

"As an example of a well-run animal rescue, check out Best Friends Animal Rescue in Utah. This is the largest no-kill shelter in the U.S.--my husband and I are so impressed with it that we volunteer our time there. I feel strongly that all companion animals deserve a decent home," said Ms. Lukas.

Dr. Rebecca Ewing holds a doctorate in Psychology and has taught at the college level for the past 13 years. Her years of research experience, both as a student and as an instructor, make Dr. Ewing a valuable asset to RCBA's regulatory research team. She is a skilled presenter as well, which may come into play when RCBA is ready to present its research findings.

Dr. Ewing has three King Charles Cavalier spaniels. "The first male came from a reputable breeder. He was a healthy puppy, both mentally and physically. The second male was adopted through an Internet-based business, a service for finding pets. He came to me with some distinctive behavioral issues and was aggressive toward my other dog. The third dog is a female that I purchased from a local reputable breeder--no problems."

Dr. Ewing continues, "I began to question why my second dog was so different from the other two, so I conducted some research on the environment in which he was raised. I found that the place was awful--terrible surroundings and worst of all, social and emotional deprivation. The puppies were removed from their mothers at 4 weeks [ideally, a puppy should nurse for 8-10 weeks], and placed in cages. The dogs could not play with each other, which is contrary to the social nature of canines."

"I didn't know such places existed. At least not in the U.S., where dogs are so loved by their families. As an educator, I want to teach others to look behind the scenes before adopting. Make sure your puppy had a healthy, loving start," advises Dr. Ewing.

Reform Canine Breeders and Auctions:
Reform Canine Breeders and Auctions (RCBA) is committed to the goal of ensuring that dogs bred for profit are shown kindness, treated humanely, and bred using only medically sound practices. To learn about volunteer opportunities, connect on Facebook or at RCBA's website.

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