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ATP Nutritionals Releases New All-natural Performance Enhancing Supplement Called Beet Extreme

ATP Nutritionals, the makers of the ground-breaking performance enhancing supplement ATP Extreme, have just released another phenomenal sports supplement called Beet Extreme.

BEET EXTREME will surely become the product of choice for any serious athlete looking to increase endurance and reduce recovery times naturally and safely!

    IRVINE, CA, February 02, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Every serious athlete is looking a competitive edge. Some are willing to take risks with their health or standing in their sport by using illegal and potentially dangerous products, while some are not. For those athletes who are NOT willing to jeopardize their long-term health and risk potential banning from their sport, Beet Extreme is a must-try performance enhancing supplement.

Beet Extreme is an organic beet juice powder supplement formulated to help improve athletic performance. Recently, beet juice has gained a lot of attention for its potential to substantially increase muscle endurance. In fact, in a recent study done at the University of Exeter in the UK, cyclists who drank beet juice were shown to increase time to exhaustion by a massive 16% and were able to complete the same work with 19% less oxygen. Those are VERY SIGNIFICANT improvements.

The science is very simple. Beets are high in nitrates. When ingested, the body converts the nitrates into nitric oxide, which results in vasodilation - an opening or widening of the blood vessels which increases blood flow to your muscles. This increased blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients getting to the muscles and the metabolic waste products like ammonia and lactate are pushed out of the muscles more efficiently.

The key to improving athletic performance with beet juice is making sure the beets have sufficient nitrate levels to trigger the necessary nitric oxide boost in the body. This is where Beet Extreme stands out from its competition. Every dose of Beet Extreme is guaranteed to contain 20,000 ppm of nitrates, which is more than enough to results in improved athletic performance every time you use it.

For more information on how Beet Extreme, the ultimate beet juice supplement for athletes, visit

ATP Nutritionals LLC makes superior quality sports supplements for high intensity athletes. Their initial flagship product is ATP Extreme, an oral ATP supplement that impacts all aspects of athletic performance including strength, muscle building, endurance and recovery. Their newest product Beet Extreme is formulated more for endurance athletes and is also destined to be a huge success because it is so safe and effective.

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