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New Mobile Tool Provides Cleaning Recommendations for Over 24 Different Fiber Optic Connectors provides a one-of-a-kind tool so field technicians can clean connectors the first time... every time provides a one-of-a-kind and long overdue tool so field technicians can clean connectors the first time... every time.

    ATLANTA, GA, October 13, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- For optimal network performance, fiber optic connectors should be cleaned during installation and maintenance. Until now, a major obstacle has been finding the best cleaning method for each specific connector. There are dozens of different fiber optic connectors, each with its own geometry and cleaning challenges.

You now have access to best-practice cleaning methods and products at your fingertips 24/7! Chemtronics new Mobile Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning Guide,, allows you to select a specific connector type, and then provides links to recommended products and even how-to videos. No cost... no app to download... and available on your smart device or computer.

When you go to, you can choose from a list of quick links for 2.5mm, 1.25mm, Multiple, Fiber to Home and Transceiver connector types. As an example, under 2.5mm, you have large, easy-to-navigate buttons, each with an image of a type of connector. If you press the button for SC connectors, you first get specifications on the connector, then links to the best products to clean jumpers, recessed / backplane connectors, ferrule sides, and alignment sleeves. Finally, there are short one minute videos to take you through the applicable cleaning methods.

Contaminated or dirty fiber optic connectors can create major issues in your data center or in the field. Even the slightest amount of dirt and dust in the connectors can slow transmission rates substantially. For some perspective, a human hair is typically around 60 micrometers in diameter but it only takes a 9 micrometer speck of dust (not even be visible to the human eye) to totally block a fiber core. Other materials that cause problems with connections include oils from your hands and residues from the environment.

Grant Price, FOCCUS Product Manager stated: " provides a one-of-a-kind and long overdue tool so field technicians can clean connectors the first time... every time."

A high quality fiber optic installation starts with the connectors. Clean connections give you faster transmission rates, higher bandwidth and maintenance-free operation. FOCCUS brand products from Chemtronics give you the tools you need to quickly clean connectors and ports, including fiber optic cleaners, cleaning tools, swabs, wipes and kits. Patented technology and proprietary Combination Cleaning process give you clean connections the first time, every time. Go to for more information.

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Example demo video of best-practice procedure for cleaning fiber optic jumpers