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World's First Connected Injector Non-Invasively Detects Insulin Below the Skin

Smart health tools by nGageIT allow diabetic insulin users and others to 'Inject, Detect and Go'.

    TORONTO, ON, March 16, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- A revolutionary smart injection device is in development by a new digital medicine startup company, nGageIT Digital Health Solutions. The device safely and automatically detects insulin and other injectable medications after injection below the skin and connects to the cloud through your smartphone. Patients using injections like insulin can simply inject, detect and go freeing them up while nGageIT automatically tracks and updates their doses.

The patent-pending iSENZ platform is the world's first digital medication injection system which accurately administers, and non-invasively detects, the injection of any injectable subcutaneous medications below the skin, as well as correcting the angle of injection to prevent complications through real-time gyroscopic technology.

The iSENZ can be specially customized for insulin dependent diabetic patients and is called the InsuloSenz. For example, rapid insulin and other medications need to be injected either at 90 degrees or 45 degrees - suboptimal techniques lead to poor outcomes and complications. Insulosenz also has the technology to detect optimal injection sites for diabetics.

With the InsuloSenz diabetic insulin patients are free to inject, detect and go. Technology automatically detects and tracks the type of insulin injected and the time of injection through the cloud and sends the information to the patient's smartphone. There is no change to the patient's injecting behavior required.

Physicians and Life Science companies gather this real life experience of patients from nGageIT's custom patent-pending sensors to measure medication treatment effectiveness and optimize clinical outcomes. nGageIT Digital Health Solutions is currently evaluating strategic partnerships with major pharmaceutical manufacturers and health systems to commercialize its technology.

With around 1.4 million new cases of diabetes diagnosed each year in the US, smart tools like the iSENZ and the InsuloSenz are expected to improve health outcomes by helping diabetic patients inject with confidence.

Says co-founder Dr Jennifer Murdoch, a nurse and an expert in health systems, "nGageIT aims to improve wellness in the healthcare ecosystem and solve the $564 billion global problem of lost pharma revenue due to non-adherence and disengaged patients. We are focused on the $34 billion niche in Specialty High Value Pharmaceutical market as well as the diabetic market.

Low Medication Adherence is arguably the most significant problem in our health care eco-system costing over $300 billion dollars in the USA alone and leading to over 125,000 premature deaths".

With over 15 trillion doses of medications in the global supply chain and a substantially related number of disconnected patients - nGageIT aims to connect them all.

Studies show that poor technique and missed doses lead to poor clinical outcomes and serious complications even in experienced users. Diabetics and other injectable medicine users lead busy lives and need smart diabetic care tools to improve their health and wellness.

"A simple connection to the cloud is not enough anymore and nGageIT's smart injection devices go beyond the connection to facilitate "real-time" disease state care by automated injection detection and real time injection technique correction," adds nGageIT's Raj Reddy.

iSenz and InsuloSenz key features:

- Detects and verifies the injection of medication after it is injected below the skin in a novel non-invasive manner
- Diabetic insulin patients are free to inject, detect and go with doses automatically uploaded to the cloud and tracked. Facilitates opportunities for enhanced diabetic care.
- Can detect the angle of injection to prevent complication and common errors
- Patient can see the angle of injection of the drug is correct by the iSENZ flashing blue
- Patient can see the angle of the injection is incorrect by the iSENZ flashing red
- Clearly displays time, dose and medication and automatically uploads the data to the cloud. -
- Facilitates "Inject, Detect and Go"
- Easily and conveniently charged using a wireless charger
- iSenz and Insulosenz sensor technology can be integrated into current injectable devices through co-development with manufacturer partnerships
- iSenz technology can be used with any subcutaneously injected medication.

About nGageIT

nGageIT ( are pioneers in the field of digital medicine encoding and sensor technology. nGageIT is making medicine smarter to improve patient engagement, enrich insights and optimize therapeutic outcomes, resulting in lower overall system costs and improved health outcomes for populations.

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