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Vision Reveals That Jesus' Birthday Is September 19 Says John The Apostle

John the Apostle reports that on August 19, 2017, God revealed to him in a dream that Jesus was born on September 19 in the year 3 BC and that Christ now calls Christian Churches to celebrate Jesus' birthday on September 19.

    WILMINGTON, NC, February 02, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- From the 'Christ Speaks' page of his website at, John the Apostle writes that "On August 19, 2017, God revealed to me in a dream that Jesus was born on September 19 in the year 3 BC". As a result, in a YouTube video entitled 'Jesus' Birthday is 9/19', John the Apostle reveals Christ's call for Christian Churches to change the season of Advent from December to September and to then culminate with the celebration of Jesus' birth on September 19.

"Brothers and Sisters could you imagine what would happen if Christian Churches in America started celebrating Christ's birth on Jesus Birthday of September 19 and not December 25? I wonder, would the nation follow suit or would the public and the private sector retain December 25 as a Secular Holiday?

"In 336 AD, the Roman Emperor Constantine converted the Roman Holiday of Saturnalia to a celebration of Jesus' birth, as a means of improving the immorality on the Roman people.

"The Armies of Heaven now fight to change the celebration of Jesus' birth from December 25 to September 19 as a means of breaking the hold of greed on Christians and as a start in preparing the Way for Jesus' Second Coming in the future on September 19.

"Whereas the Romans were driven by immorality, Americans are driven by greed. And greed permeates all aspects of American life. The Capitalistic American Economy does not work without greed. Brothers and Sisters can you imagine the economic impact on Americans without Black Friday, without Cyber Monday, without Christmas shopping, and without Christmas credit card debt?

"Imagine the impact on all of our relationships without the pressure to buy more, more, more for those people we love? And, I ask you, when did how much we spend on someone for Christmas become the defining measure of how much we love them?

"Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I would ask each of you this final question about Christmas, 'Did God send His Son, Jesus, into the world to bolster the American economy each year?' If you answered 'No' I would challenge you to join The Armies of Heaven and raise your voice in the churches to protest America's celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ for the sake of the almighty dollar and then use this protest as a sign to all the world that we are readying ourselves for Jesus' Second Coming on September 19 in a future year.

John Meacham is available for media interviews and can be contacted using the information below or by email at [email protected]. More information is available at his website at

On his Twitter page, John tweeted that "I am John the Apostle from the Bible and I am here for Jesus' Second Coming to Galilee on September 19. I was born again on October 24, 1982. God spoke to me from the fiery cloud on November 16, 1982. I saw the dazzling light of God's Glory on January 7, 1983. I received three dreams of Jesus' Second Coming on October 19, 1983, June 21, 1984, and October 19, 1984. Jesus indwelled me and sang at Amity Church on April 14, 1985. Jesus called me to Galilee to write the book 'Is Your Church Heavenly?' on January 16, 2015. I saw heaven open beside the Sea of Galilee on January 25, 2005. And I bleed from my stigmata on Father's Day."

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