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Better Yourself in 2019 with SoleIntending, A Goal Writing Process Changing Lives One at a Time

Visit, where you'll find the free online course, 'The Tao and SoleIntending', a profoundly simple concept that connects the fundamental teachings of the Tao to a balanced intending and goal setting process to create your life.

I believe that we all have an underlying yearning – one that is the same for each and every one of us – and that is to feel happier. To cope with our lives better; to feel that our life has meaning.

    CALGARY, AB, February 07, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In this life-changing SolePath course you will learn a simple, practical SoleIntending action that will help you create a happier life; a simple guided way for writing goals using the creative energy of the Tao.

The SolePath Institute is the joint venture of two passionate women: Rev. Deneen Justason and Dr. Debra Ford. Rev. Deneen is the "creative community commander" and she is an intuitive creator and bringer of spiritual balance. Deneen has dedicated her life to being a SolePath certified mentor and SolePath certified analyst, known for her wonderful laugh and beautiful caring energy.

Dr. Debra Ford is well known as an inspirational teacher and spiritual mystic. SolePath is an original body of work, written and created by Dr. Debra. She prides herself on being an "inspirational connection communicator" and spends her days teaching and guiding others to purpose and a happier life.

The team includes many other skilled energy workers all filled with passion and enthusiasm, but the true driving force behind this movement is most certainly the pair of spiritual masters at the helm.

Following a hugely successful interview last month we recently sat down with Dr. Debra in order to delve deeper into the SolePath mission; this time, specifically, SoleIntending.

Let's speak today about SoleIntending. This is a powerful tool within the SolePath experience. Why is it important at this time of the year?

SoleIntending is a simple, practical goal setting process that helps you create a happier life.

Intentions are always the starting point for change in your life. They are the creation point for your life. Everything that happens begins with intention. They are like seeds – your intentions contain all of the energy to grow, just as a seed contains all of the energy to become the plant or tree.

It's always a good time to write intentions, but particularly at the beginning of the New Year.

All of our work at the SolePath Institute is based on the fundamental teachings of the Tao. SoleIntending is a profoundly simple concept that connects the Tao to a balanced intending and goal setting process to create your life.

What is the importance of intentions? And when should intentions turn to actions? How can this become a reality?

Writing intentions is like charting a course for your life. Energetically it is the same as raising your sail and choosing which direction you will take. Intentions give your life direction. The SolePath SoleIntending process has three parts – all designed to help you make your goals a reality. First you begin with gratitude, expressing thanks for what is already in your life. The benefits of gratitude are well documented and it is know to be one of the prime factors that leads to happiness. Second you will set your intentions or goals – what it is that you wish to reach for and achieve in the upcoming calendar year. Third you will choose your next best step – the one thing that you can do right here, right now to move you towards the accomplishment of your goal.

Let's say you have a businessman, a celebrity entertainer and a retired military person; is there a different approach for each of these types? How is this determination made? Do you seek different outcomes for different types, or is the end goal the same in all areas?

That's the beauty of the SoleIntending process – it is a very personal and unique experience. It is different for each person yet it works no matter what your life experience may be. It is simply a way of setting goals using the perfect balance of the Tao.

I believe that we all have an underlying yearning – one that is the same for each and every one of us – and that is to feel happier. To cope with our lives better; to feel that our life has meaning. Plato said that there is a place that you are to fill and no one else can fill, something you are to do and no one else can do. At the SolePath Institute, we believe that and SoleIntending is an important part of creating your life of purpose.

You describe a "place of calm" in the description of SoleIntending. Please explain how this works, and what sort of place should participants create?

Intentions do not manifest from a place of desperate longing, but rather from an attitude of certainty and contentment; an attitude that knows that your life can be filled with love, health, abundance, and happiness; an attitude that believes that you deserve this.

Once your intentions are written, then it's time to find a place of calm within yourself where you trust that what you are asking for will be delivered to you in the perfect way and at the perfect time.

SolePath has been described by you as a "happiness business", which has truly wonderful connotations. Please tell us how and when SoleIntending fits into the SolePath process?

We offer a free online course called 'the Tao and SoleIntending' that is a great place to start, the beginning of creating the happy life that you desire. Here at the SolePath Institute, we are in the happiness business. We teach tools for living a happier life; practical, easy to apply techniques for being happier. It is possible to be happier.

Why Taoism? What spoke to you about this philosophy in relation to the SoleIntending process?

All of our work at the SolePath Institute is based on the Tao (pronounced Dow).

The Tao is the natural order of the universe. The Tao keeps the world balanced and flowing. The Tao encompasses chi, the essential energy of 'all'.

The key understandings of the Tao are:

Connection – between us all and also with everything
Balance – when one part is out of balance, all parts are affected
Flow – non-resistance to what is going on around you

The Tao teaches that the fundamental law underlying everything in the universe is utterly plain and simple, no matter how complicated life may appear.

Your life becomes a process of accepting and working within the flow of life. You also understand that this planet that you live on is a creative environment and that with your free will you are writing your SoleIntentions and creating your life.

For further reading please visit, click "Online Courses", and scroll down to find information about SoleIntending. Find your SolePath today!

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