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Top 8 Video Editing Software for Windows

From total beginners to advance creators

Anyone can become a YouTuber!

    LOS ANGELES, CA, May 17, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Need help to make your video look fabulous? Here are the top 8 choices for you to consider.

1. Movie creator: free video editor
This is a free video editing software provided by Microsoft. This software is a useful software for editing, however, which Microsoft decided to not provide any tech-support anymore since 2017 Jan.
This software is very similar to Bandicut which provide simple video cutting, it means it can only edit so you can't make a high-quality video with this software but on the sunny side, you can quickly edit and produce a video.

• It provides 3d effects, unlike other software.
• It can create a video automatically, of your choosing.

• You can't multitrack, which means you can't do two things simultaneously.
• You can choose the design in the fixed layout of the software, can't choose your own sources.

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2. Lightworks
You can download for free if you join the Lightworks website and if you don't log-in you can only use it for 7days. It's Ok to use the free version to produce videos, because on free-version of this software also provides many interesting features and, on the mainframe, you can access to your previous work-history, you can easily pick up where you left off.

• After log-in the website, you can use the free version with no term-limits.
• You can multitrack with this software.

• Very difficult to use for beginners.
• You have log-in the site once in 7 days, to continue to use the free version.

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3. GOM Mix Pro
It provides various animation, visual effects, filter, and templates. Its intuitive UI and designs help even the total beginners can easily access and work their way around, also GOM Mix Pro has many more user guides than other software.

In GOM Mix Pro, you can categorize the media for your own choices, and (media) timeline can be sectionalized according to each appropriate media as well, so if you want to edit the file, even its size is too big, with GOM Mix Pro, you can easily work and edit your media.

It has both free-trial and paid version, and if you only need to do simple editing, you can make good, quality work with free-trial version.

• With various visual effects, everyone- even a beginner- can make a video looking professional, easily.
• Its intuitive design and UI will help to edit the video even with heavy media sources.
Its trial version has no term limits.

• When you use a free trial version, the watermark will be shown, and the encoding time of the media will be limited to 10 minutes.

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4. Hitfilm express
Hitfile express is provided both free-trial and paid version, like GOM Mix Pro. It provides very high-quality visual effects and features but its UI is not very user-friendly and actually very difficult to navigate, so if you are a first-timer to video editing this is not the one for you. But if you are in the film industry, with this software, after when you finish with your video material you can easily post your video on YouTube, this might come in handy.

• Two versions – free/paid version is available and no term limits on the usage of the free version.
• You can carefully with great detail set out your visual effects.

Its paid license is quite expensive.
• Very difficult for beginners to use.

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5. Movavi video editor
This is software with many interesting features. It can edit, put the text, and do many things at the same time. If you want to use more than free templates, you can buy the paid packages to get more and upgrade your videos.

It also provides many interesting features, including if you add media files it automatically adds to your current video files and a video will be made.

So, even if you are totally new to video editing, you can either look at the user's manual or guidance in the software to use this software's various features.

It provides various turning effects and templates.
• You can multitrack.
• If you choose a media then it automatically produces a video.

• You can use it for free only for 7days.

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6. Filmora Pro
This software does not provide many visual effects but it has very simple, intuitive UI. A free trial version has no term limits, so you give a little trial period first and then after you get used to with software and feel like you can use it for more than it is recommended to buy the paid version.

• You can multitrack.
• On your preview screen, you can also adjust various object sizes and their position, so you can immediately put the feedbacks in straight.
• There are no term-limits on the free version.

• If you use a free trial version, the watermark will be shown.
• It does not have many varieties of visual and special effects.

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7. Power Director
This is certainly a software if you are looking for software that can multitrack, and if you want to use software to produce media file with various sources and effects.
Especially, this software is providing a variety of title effects, so if you want to work a bit hard on your title sequence and its text, this is the one you should consider.

• It provides various features, including transition designer, title designer, color correction, video collage designer, multi-cam designer.
• You can multitrack and create a stunning video.

• Its storage capacity is quite big, so time to rendering might take a bit longer than other software.
• Its paid license is kind of expensive in spite of monthly billing.

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8. Bandicut
Bandicut, with this software – you can edit, cut, and paste any form of media easily. It has a simple interface, also easy to work so if you only need to do simple editing, this will come in handy. Also, this software produces a video without encoding, you can quickly produce the video without no digital quality.

• Without any loss of quality, you can edit the video in its original quality.
• Its simple interface will help you to do simple editing.

• This software does not provide any other visual effects than simple editing.
• You can not do cut and paste simultaneously.
• If you use free- trial version, the watermark will be shown.

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