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Max Byron Frederick, AnOldScientist, Recognized for Achievements in Scientific Research

Mr. Frederick, scientist, theologian, inventor, author, and innovator, has excelled in recognizing obscure technical information, holds five United States patents and is devoted to intellectually honest study of science and the bible.

    CENTRAL POINT, OR, January 25, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Max Byron Frederick has been included in Marquis Who's Who. As in all Marquis Who's Who biographical volumes, individuals profiled are selected on the basis of current reference value. Factors such as position, noteworthy accomplishments, visibility, and prominence in a field are all taken into account during the selection process.

Recognized as a scientist and a theologian even from a formative age, Mr. Frederick has a passion for Exploring Science in the bible for the Intellectually Honest Inquisitor. In this endeavor, Mr. Frederick recognized and published several scientific technical details about the origins many years before modern science discovered them. The validity of the technical information in the ancient scriptures as well as Mr. Frederick's innovative approach to recognizing it is attested to by his publication of significant technical details over ten years before modern science became aware of the same information via their own independent discovery; by the pre-publication, essentially predicting future scientific discoveries.

Mr. Frederick worked as a scientist in the United States Military Industrial complex early on in his career from 1961-1994. Though most of the early work he has accomplished is classified knowledge, Mr. Frederick's innovations while in the military/industrial complex advanced the art and science of information recognition and gained him corporate recognition as an innovator and inventor. In 1993, Mr. Frederick received the ESL [Electromagnetic Systems Laboratory,] A TRW Company, "TRW PhonePrint" tm award for his part on the team that brought its first commercial telecommunications product from concept to the marketplace. "TRW PhonePrint"tm is based on three patents for which Mr. Frederick is named as the inventor. In 1993 Mr. Frederick received the TRW Avionics & Surveillance Group "ASG Innovation Award" for contributions with Innovation, creativity, diligence inspiration, and excellence. In 1994, Mr. Frederick received The TRW Chairman's Award for Innovation.

Two additional United States patents are related to the electrical nature of water, knowledge of which is significant in recognizing an account in the ancient scripture of the Old Testament to be an exercise in using water vapor to direct lightning to a specific target.

Mr. Frederick's wife was the founder and operator of Heather's Haven, a clean and sober home for women, the first of its kind in Oregon. For 22 years Mr. Frederick funded the organization, a mission very close to both of their hearts.

Mr. Frederick and his wife, the former Betty Louise Bengtson, have been married for over sixty years and have four sons, Joseph Allen Frederick, Central Point, Oregon, Timothy Joel Frederick, Deer Park, Washington, James Todd Frederick, New Castle, Washington, and Brian Troy Frederick, Ben Lomand, California.

For more than sixty years Mr. Frederick has excelled in recognizing significant technical information in obscure data. But, Mr. Frederick's most significant contributions and discoveries were made during the decades since his early retirement at the age of fifty-six years. That work is continuing to date. In the forthcoming future, he hopes to be able to pass down his legacy to others who will continue his research.


Following in the footsteps of many of the great scientists of the past, Frederick's formal education beyond a bachelor's degree is not via the typical academic route. Mr. Frederick worked his way through college attending various state universities and bible colleges over a thirteen year time span culminating in a bachelors degree in geology from San Jose State University in the early 1970's where he was recognized as having a 4.00 grade point average. Having disappeared into the military industrial complex for thirty-three years much of his work is not public. However, his publication in 2008, after his retirement is the result of many times the academic effort of that of a typical PhD Doctors thesis; it is the result of over fifteen thousand hours of scientific research, the equivalent of seven and a half years full time work as a scientist. The validity of its reality is attested to by its pre-publication of later independent discoveries by modern science over ten years after its publication.

Mr. Frederick's higher education is attested to by his accomplishments in five arenas: as a scientist, theologian, inventor, author, and innovator,

As an innovator, Mr. Frederick's major accomplishments while in the military/industrial complex innovated processes in the art and science of information recognition. There he became known as the one who recognizes significant technical information where others see only data. After retirement from the military/industrial complex Mr. Frederick's major contribution has been innovation of the process of recognizing technical information in the ancient religious literature. Mr. Frederick's innovations in the way technical information is to be recognized in ancient religious writings begins with discovering the original technical meanings of the original language words and comparing that to reality later discovered by modern science as opposed to the old way of trying to make sense of the various conjectures of previous scholars.

As an inventor, three of Mr. Frederick's five United States patents are related to radio fingerprinting and are the basis of a successful business venture and two are related to the electrical nature of water, knowledge of which is significant in recognizing an account in the ancient scripture of the Old Testament to be an exercise in using water vapor to direct lightning to a specific target.

As a scientist, Mr. Frederick's work has led to greater understanding of the technical information published in the ancient scriptures thousands of years before the same was independently discovered by modern science. Mr. Frederick has sought out and recognized the original technical, science related, meanings of myriads of religious words and compiled them into a glossary of technical meanings of religious words. The original technical meanings of many obscure ancient words have come to light. Mr. Frederick has discovered evidence that the creation accounts of the bible are much older than their assumed first publication; this evidence shows that apparently they were compiled into the bible from previously existing accounts held by the Hebrew people.

As a theologian, and as a scientist, Mr. Frederick, in the course of his later work, has recognized many different major biblical accounts containing technical details concerning the physical origins, many of which were not previously recognized by theologians as being creation accounts. This has resulted in a catalogue of biblical creation accounts; biblical accounts containing technical information about the origins along with the biblical claim that it is the God of the Ancient Hebrew people that was responsible for it happening. In those accounts, thirty-four in all, he recognized about one hundred technical details and compiled them into one all inclusive list of technical details in chronological order, interweaving them according to recognized internal chronology clues. This effort resulted in a chronology that is consistent from account to account as well as consistent with reality as discovered by modern science; yet it is contrary to the traditionally recognized six day biblical schedule. Most significantly this recognition of technical information in Ancient Scriptures contained many details unknown to modern science until over ten years later when they were independently discovered by modern science; when recognized and published in 2008, the corresponding modern science had not yet been discovered nor published.

As an author, Mr. Frederick's writings, though scientific in content and theological in nature, are not written in stilted academic language as someone trying to show off his academic credentials, but are written to be read by ordinary people at no more than a high school level.


Mr. Frederick has written innumerable books, articles, and research papers. His books may be found on the internet at, His other published works are currently available on the internet at and

A few of his more interesting and significant publications include:
Origin of the Continents, 1996, 2014, introducing the Theory of the Lithologic cycle, an explanation of the mechanism resulting in the sudden origin of the continents. This was first published over twenty years before modern science discovered that the origin actually was a sudden event.
Eyewitness to the Origins, 2008, presents the recognition of thirty-four biblical creation accounts and the technical details therein, and compilation of them into the official biblical order of events in the origins, an order of events contrary to the traditionally accepted six-day order found in only one of those accounts. Also included are several technical details recognized and published over ten years before they were discovered by contemporary science.
The Mystery of Psalm 104, 2014, 2017, recognizing the correct biblical order of creation events found in Psalm 104 and comparing it to the other biblical creation accounts.
Recent Technical Knowledge Discovered in Ancient Literature, 2019, recognizing an Old Testament account is about an exercise in using water vapor to direct lightning to a specific target.
Modern Science Discovery Predicted by Ancient Religious Literature, 2018, recognizes the 2018 discoveries by modern science are the same technical details published in the ancient scriptures of the bible and recognized by Mr. Frederick in his 2008 book.
Intellectually Honest Answer to the Six Days of Genesis Dilemma, 2019, co-authored by Debbie A. Knapp, BS, MS, Mr. Frederick and his associate, published an intellectually honest solution to the problem of the six-day chronology of Genesis 1 being inconsistent with reality. It recognizes the fact that not only is the six-day schedule inconsistent with reality; it is also inconsistent with the chronology in all other biblical accounts. Therefore, they declare the six-day schedule of Genesis is not the official biblical schedule of the beginnings and an intellectually honest alternative explanation is in order. No longer must theologians be obligated to assume the six-day schedule is the official biblical schedule of the origins and be obligated to search for a rationalization to force the six-day schedule into reality.
Glossary-The Technical Meanings of Religious Words, 2008 – present, continuously being updated.
The Story Behind The Legend of the Firmament, 2008, revealing the fact that the concept of a "firmament" was first introduced into Hebrew Scripture in about 250 BC at Alexandria, Egypt when the scientists at the Legendary Library of Science translated the Ancient Hebrew Scriptures into the Greek language LXX. It traces the decline of correct knowledge held long before by the Hebrews; the successive decline through a series of ancient Greek scholars into the ancient Greek science of a solid crystalline firmament surrounding the planet earth which was then the basis of the translation to agree with ancient Greek science which was thought to be truth at that time. The concept of a solid crystalline "firmament" was not in the ancient Hebrew Scriptures before that mistranslation. It is an ancient example of interpreting scriptures to agree with science.
Science and the Bible Ezine, 2008 – 2012, a Science and the Bible electronic magazine chronicling discoveries of technical details in the ancient scriptures of the bible.
Ancient Technical Knowledge and Modern Science on Water Filling our Oceans, 2019. For decades, modern science debated over where the water came from to fill our oceans. In 2008 Mr. Frederick published that the bible says it came from outer space with the planet earth being only part of a giant hydrologic system in the outer space of our solar system. Not until 2019 did modern science finally came to the same conclusion and publish it on the internet "Ocean Worlds Water in the Solar System and Beyond" at
Modern Science Discovery Predicted by Ancient Religious Literature, 2018. In 2018, Modern science recently announced the discovery of something that was already published, thousands of years ago in the ancient religious literature of the Hebrews and the Egyptians. The discovery was that the continents formed suddenly, emerging from below the water of our previously ocean covered planet. That discovery was published May 24, 2018 in the Journal, Nature, Rapid emergence of subaerial landmasses and onset of a modern hydrologic cycle 2.5 billion years ago, by I. . N. Bindeman, D. O. Zakharov, J. Palandri, N. D.Greber, N. Dauphas, G. J. Retallack, A. Hofmann, J. S. Lackey & A. Bekker. Four other significant technical details are in this discovery. All five technical details are mentioned in that ancient literature.
Three United States Patents, 5,448,760; 6,047,174; and 6,157,825, are concerning radio fingerprinting of radio transmitters based on minute physical details; by differences in their electrical radio signal itself rather than by who they say they are.
Two United States Patents, 6,219,871, and 6,308,356 are about applying the unique electrical nature of plain water to the process of cleaning laundry; knowledge about which is significant in recognizing an account in the ancient scripture of the Old Testament to be an exercise in using the same electrical nature of water vapor to direct lightning to a specific target.

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