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7 Impressive Solutions That Will Drive Innovation | CEDIA 2016

CEDIA 2016 was a remarkable show for BZB Express' partner brands who exhibited their brilliant custom electronics and design for the AV world to see.

The ever-evolving technology market strutted their stuff at CEDIA 2016 in Dallas, TX with an attendance of over 18,750 while hosting over 500 exhibitors.

    FREMONT, CA, September 22, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The ever-evolving technology market strutted their stuff at CEDIA 2016 in Dallas, TX with an attendance of over 18,750 while hosting over 500 exhibitors. Embracing more than 3,700 member companies, CEDIA's theme of "THINK BIG" was a celebration of special events which included 115 CEDIA training seminars, 13 CEDIA Talks, 6 CEDIA Panel Seminars, and various events that offered attendees a chance to grow their businesses.

CEDIA 2016 was a remarkable show for BZB Express' partner brands who exhibited their brilliant custom electronics and design for the AV world to see. Key players including Key Digital, Atlona, MuxLab, IC Realtime, SureCall, and Aurora Multimedia all showcased their newest innovations. The BZB Express team uncovers these products for us.

Key Digital

Key Digital left an everlasting impression when Founder and President Mike Tsinberg led a seminar on compression, connectivity, and control with HDBaseT and H.264 for HDMI over IP. Also, Training Manager Jonathon Ferry managed a course on troubleshooting HDCP 2.2 video systems and introduced HD over IP integration.

Key Digital introduced the KD-8x8CSA HDMI matrix switcher that supports 4K and HDCP 2.2. This routing switch features audio de-embedding from the selected HDMI input via coax digital or analog L/R. Inputs and outputs are all HDMI and support HDR (High Dynamic Range), deep color, 3D, and a full buffer system. The KD-8x8CSA can be controlled through the front panel, serial/optical IR, RS-232, and TCP/IP. This unit is perfect for a house of worship, sports bars, and restaurant-type applications.


A leading AV connectivity solutions company, Atlona unveiled AMS GO at CEDIA; an improvement to its Atlona Management System (AMS). AMS lets integrators configure, operate, and maintain the company's IP-controlled components remotely from any location through mobile phones, desktops, and touchscreen tablets.


Muxlab's HDMI 4K over IP (model 500758) and their new audio/AMP over IP extender (model 500755-AMP) with a mic are the latest additions to the catalog. The HDMI 4K over IP PoE Extender Kit is an AV over IP solution that distributes and extends 4K video in HDMI format while the AMP-over-IP transports two-channel analog audio inputs over an IP network with a mic.

These two kits eliminate the need for HDMI matrixing in multi-room applications. The advancement of IP connectivity enables audiovisual devices to be effective by decreasing cable expenses while streamlining the complete implementation process.

IC Realtime

Strategists in the tech and finance divisions have indicated virtual reality (VR) as one of the prominent trends for 2016. IC Realtime has spearheaded the progress with its 360-degree cameras, including the ALLie Home 360-degree Lifestyle Camera. The ALLie streams live video to YouTube and users can share the content on Facebook. Anyone can view the videos on social media via tablets, smartphones, and PCs without the need of special equipment, although a VR headset would make for a truly intensified experience.


SureCall introduces Fusion7 Booster. This device offers a comprehensive voice and data signal improvement solution by using SureCall's patented all-carrier technology, which includes AWS, PCS, and two LTE frequency bands utilized by all North American carriers.

The Fusion7 empowers Wi-Fi, HDTV, and cellular capabilities by enhancing reception up to 20,000 square feet and offering over-the-air HDTV connectivity. Owning the fastest LTE data rate in the market, 20 or more users can be fully supported simultaneously. Eliminating dropped calls and dead zones inside buildings are simple with the unit's adjustable mobile uplink and downlink features. Users can easily connect their current network router to the Fusion7 WAN port and extended Wi-Fi coverage will be available on the same cables and antennas.


4K just got real with Zigen's IP-LOGIC video over IP system as this solution has earned a tremendous amount of buzz at CEDIA. The IP-LOGIC delivers uncompressed 4K video at 600 MHz while supporting HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2. Features such as HDR, tiling, multiview, matrix, and audio routing drives this product while separating itself from the competition.

Aurora Multimedia

Aurora Multimedia shined with its VLX Series IP Streaming solutions. Utilizing their IPBaseT technology, the VLX Series synergizes several IP/AV standards to operate collectively. These devices are an industry first with 4K and Ultra HD transceivers with only 1.5 frame latency and lossless compression. Since the VLX series are transceivers, one unit can act as either an encoder or decoder in a networked system. Also, USB 2.0, PoE, and audio de-embedding are standard features on this device while RS-232 and IR may be utilized for control.

CEDIA 2016 recorded an astounding 100 first-time exhibitors who brought the passion and energy to connect with attendees. The same can be said of the aforementioned exhibitors as they brought their emerging solutions for the home. And what better place to present these solutions than CEDIA--the premier showcase for the newest products and popular trends in home technology. BZB Express can be reached at 888-660-2962 or visit them at

Since 2005, BZB Express has been providing professionals with audiovisual equipment. Located on the outskirts of Silicon Valley, they offer AV solutions worldwide. BZB Express has forged strong relationships with leading AV brands including Atlona, Key Digital, Kramer, TVOne, Avenview and many more.

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