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A New Diet for not only the Rich and Famous, but also for the Unemployed and Uninsured

The rich and famous can continue eating the types of food they enjoy. The unemployed will benefit by the lowered grocery bills due to decreased consumption. Those without health insurance will benefit once they reach an ideal weight by reduced risks for illnesses associated with being overweight.

    TUCSON, AZ, March 06, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Pen and Paper Diet, a book published in May 2008 by Michael Dow, is based on the idea that the key to weight management is having A Personal Daily Calorie Budget. It takes about 3 minutes a day and allows any literate adult, of any age and activity level to continue eating the types of food they enjoy while they lose weight. Once a person develops the basic skill of keeping a calorie budget, he or she can then focus on eating more healthy and then exercising more. Michael used research from the National Academy of Sciences, USDA and CDC in the book.

The unemployed will benefit from the ideas in the book (i.e. calorie budget) since it provides the simple steps one needs to manage their weight as they learn to consume only what they need for an ideal BMI. "My wife and I have saved over $100 a month in our grocery bill," Dow says, "because we used to consume about 6,000 calories a day combined and now consume about 4,100 a day. Now we have more money for other bills and money to start buying more healthy food products."

"You don't even have to buy the book to start the program," says Dow, "Just start keeping track of your calorie consumption and consume the amount of calories you require for your ideal weight. If the difference between your normal consumption and your ideal consumption is large, gradually decrease your budget over time. If it took you years to gain your weight, allow it to take months to lose it (a couple of years for the very obese). I think a lot of people may end up buying the book for the reference material since it lists average serving calorie info for the vast majority of the world's foods and some beverages. It also has worksheets to help people quickly find their estimated calorie requirement for their ideal weight."

Those without health insurance can benefit from this program since being overweight increases your chances to get numerous illnesses like Coronary heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, Cancers (endometrial, breast, and colon) and Hypertension (high blood pressure) ( By having a healthy weight, you are less likely to develop a major illness. There is no guarantee, though, that having a healthy weight will keep you from getting sick.

The rich and famous are able to continue eating and drinking extravagantly since the diet is focused on tracking calorie consumption. Celebrities are able to safely and easily control their weight with a calorie budget in order to maintain their appearance. Even if you're an actor and are required to be overweight for your character, you can maintain a larger weight by the same ideas of the book (i.e. a personal daily calorie budget). "If you have to be overweight," says Dow, "you could at least focus on eating more healthy with your large calorie budget. When you're finished playing your role, you'll have developed the skill of a calorie budget as well as eating healthy and it will be easier to lose weight."

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