All Press Releases for May 21, 2014

A Collaborative Journey For Humanity

An altruistic, collaborative, and collective spirit is quite a powerful force to witness.

    NEW YORK, NY, May 21, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The forte of many humanitarian hearts determined to serve the needs of our human family is a tenacious force that can reach across vast lands and shift mindsets. It has the strength of breaking cultural, political, and socio-economic barriers.

This is the story of how one advocacy researcher in her walk towards humanitarian research... connected with a beautiful team of visionaries that belonged to the organization Visiones Culturales, Inc. They include the cultural event coordinator Yolanda Rodriguez, and the progressive artist Hiram Melendez. Together they crossed paths and with a collaborative synergy...created a beautiful a way to capture the research stories that Dr. Vazquez gathered on her humanitarian research trips.

On June 7, 2014 Dr. Vazquez will have an international forum call with the non-profit Service Space organization's network link Awakin Call to share how her recent research journey to the Islamic country Morocco changed her life. In this call, she will share the details of her research work, and how this work has inspired her to continue working with orphans and street children in Guatemala. Moreover, Dr. Vazquez is excited about sharing how the artists she has met give her strength and courage to take bold steps in serving as an advocacy voice for those less fortunate.

In the AWAKIN CALL forum she will share how this research work is truly not about one woman breaking cultural, political, religious, and language barriers...IT IS ABOUT A POWERFUL GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO INSPIRE HER TO KEEP ON GOING.

Join us June 7th at 12pm EST on this call to hear about a remarkable personal journey, and Vilma's most recent stories from Morocco. - See more at:

Proud of her humble beginnings, Vilma Caban-Vazquez feels that perhaps she was destined to become a global humanitarian vessel. Although she faced great adversity along the way, she flourished like a resilient urban flower. Vilma's mother, with a 2nd grade education, worked 12 hours a day as a seamstress in various sweatshops of the garment industry. After giving birth to Vilma Luz, her "papa" was nowhere to be found and she remarried -- unfortunately, to an abusive and alcoholic husband. At the age of 18, after graduating from one of the worse inner-city high schools in New York, Vilma fled to an upstate college. Against all odds, she not only graduated but went on to earn her doctorate -- now in class of 0.4% Latina women to have achieved this level of education.

Wearing many community leadership hats, Vilma focused on using education as a social equalizer and encouraging volunteerism. She was national trainer for Americorps, VISTA and traveled abroad with People to People Ambassadors Programs to Cambodia, Egypt and Vietnam. Later, she worked to eradicate Female Genital Infanticide in Kenya. While working on a research project -- "The Latina Project: Using Educational Path to Break the Silence of Domestic Abuse" -- her mother passed away and so she decided to head back to Dominican Republic and serve there.

Currently, Vilma serves on various international boards to promote positive social change in the world, particularly in the lives of women and children. In 2013, Vilma went to volunteer in Morocco, to explore the international phenomena of the invisible and forgotten Moroccan orphans and street children. Her heart was transformed, as she was inspired to formally launch an advocacy study centered on the tragic circumstances that Moroccan street children face.

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