All Press Releases for June 17, 2017

A New and Exciting, Wall-board Game You Play While Watching a Real-Time Football Game on TV. First ever "Interactive Football Experience" Unlimited players! Pre-order on Indiegogo

Come join the fun with," Flag on the Play!" Every football fan should have this game. Get ready to throw out your own Yellow, Red and Green flags, along with the referee on TV, or maybe even before the referee. Total fun for family and friends.

    BLADENSBURG, MD, June 17, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The basic rules are: The first player/team to throw out their flag, is the only one to score on that specific play on TV. If you see a foul happening, throw out your YELLOW flag and say, "Flag on the Play!" Then name the foul and say whether it's defense or offense. If you want to predict a play like a touchdown, field goal, or 2 point conversion, etc...throw out your GREEN flag and say, "Flag on the Play!" and then say, what you are predicting. If you want to challenge an opposing player's call, just throw out your RED flag and state your challenge.

Flag on the Play is for 3 or more players, ages 8 and older. You can have up to 4 teams, with as many players as you want on each team. Game ends, when the game you're watching on TV is over. The person or team that scores the most points, by calling the greatest number of correct "Foul Plays," "Predicted Plays" and "Red Challenged Plays" combined, is the WINNER!

The game includes: 12 Flags - 4 YELLOW, 4 GREEN and 4 RED; Hanging Dry Erasable Score Board; Dry Eraser Marker; Dry Eraser; Referee Badge; Flag In-play Strip and Game Instructions.

It's a great way for all levels of the sport, to learn the rules and regulations of the game.

Flag on the Play is offering, what will be the greatest board game in the history of football.

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