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American Health Squad's Telemedicine: The Future Of Doctor Visits and Patient Care

American Health Squad is a company organized by the health industry's top professionals who strive to improve health care services in America.

    HOUSTON, TX, April 11, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Physicians know there is a direct correlation between patient satisfaction and patient health. In today's busy world, making special trips to doctor for regular health check ups can be tough to schedule. Too often patients are unable to keep appointments for various reasons such as traffic, lack of transportation, scheduling conflicts and other intangibles. This can be a real problem for a medical practice who has to pay staff, utilities and overhead, and all of the other expenses required to run a small business...whether or not patients show up for their appointments. Fortunately, American Health Squad has a solution.

Telemedicine is the way of the future. Using the Internet through a secure connection, patients can schedule a convenient time to visit their doctor, dentist, dermatologist, or other health practitioner in a private virtual setting. Patients never have to leave the comfort of their own homes and can attend the appointments under almost any circumstances. For the physician, this means better patient health, a stronger bottom line, and higher patient satisfaction.

Telemedicine is user friendly, increases patient visits, and builds a practice with greater access. The service is easy to use and offers a positive patient experience in all types of health industries. Eye doctors, allergists, physical therapists, nutritionists and pediatricians are now offering Telemedicine to their patients. Their practices begin to grow almost immediately as word spreads about this convenient online service built for today's evolving health industry.

Health practitioners who partner with AHS receive full HIPAA privacy and security. 100 percent of all telemedicine visits are held using a highly secure server. There is no worry about patient privacy no matter what the reason for the virtual visit. All data is kept private within the physician's personal, custom dashboard.

Various packages are available to meet the needs of the most discriminating physician. An online appointment system, 24/7 tech support, video conferencing feature, and more are available. All the physician has to do is meet with their patients using the Telemedicine system through their regular Internet connection, and keep a timely schedule of appointments.

Using the Telemedicine service allows health professionals to see more patients while lowering over-head. Sessions may also be recorded online and stored for future patient or doctor reference. American Health Squad believes these user-friendly services will help health professionals to grow their practice as patients share their positive experiences with others. The Telemedicine service also widens the geographic area doctors and physicians are able to accomodate.

"All you need is internet, broadband connection and computer/Pad with camera and your ready to go," says an AHS spokesperson. "We are also mobile friendly and our super affordable pricing and simple credit card billing delivers an immediate return."

More information, including an explanatory video outlying some of the benefits of AHS Telemedicine, is available at the website. Visit




About Telemedicine:

Telemedicine gives doctors and hospital staff the flexibility to treat patients from the comfort of your home or office according to their own schedule. There will be a decrease in appointment cancellations, and an increase in productivity, patient satisfaction ratings, referrals and return customers. Choosing AHS for telemedicine / telepsychiatry services gives a cutting-edge advantage in medical technology, and convenience for patients.

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