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An Open letter to POTUS, Senators, Ed. and Industry Leaders; Specially Mark Zuckerberg, Senator Kerry, Senator Booker. Will You Please Learn From the Disaster of Pouring $100 Million into Just Mind Ed.

Even a billion dollars spent in Newark schools on mind education will not improve over all education; as superior mind education will still be built on the defective brain education foundation. As the Bible says it is like building a castle on sand.

    WASHINGTON, DC, September 25, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- It is amazing politicians don't listen to regular folks like me. If I had star power with lots of degrees to my name perhaps our leaders would have paid attention. Take the case of Senator Booker. When he got the $100 million on the promise that Newark's school system in 5 years will set the roadmap for the rest of the country on how to perfect education, I told him through open letters, direct handing over ideas to his staff and a couple of times in person; that his approach will result in mostly failure.

Imagine committing a $100 million mistake and still being confused about what went wrong. It is not just his mistake; the whole education leaders are committing the same mistake again and again for hundreds if not thousands of years. They all think education is about successfully transferring knowledge to the student. They still do not get it that education is of two very different kinds: mind education and brain education.

Regular/mind education is built on the foundation of emotional-intelligence/brain education. When brain education is defective then no amount of excellence in mind education will make much difference. Even a billion dollars spent just in the Newark schools on mind education will not improve over all education as superior mind education will still be built on the defective brain education foundation. As the Bible says it is like building a castle on sand. It is like the plumbing is defective and needs to be repaired and our education experts will continue to pour money and resources into trying to improve the electrical wiring.

Mayor Booker is now a senator and he has star power but it seems that in spite of his $100 million mistake he has still not learnt any lessons. I have been approaching him again and again through tweets, emails and calls to his office but there is no response. If he learnt his lesson he would sponsor a bill that will create compulsory brain education through WISE PARENTING for the young and EMOTIONAL HEALTH THERAPY for the old.

I have already created two apps and more are planned:



The least Senator Booker can do is download, review and support these apps.

I had told him before that pouring $100 million into mind education will not solve the mess in Newark school education; as the mess is in brain education. Just a million dollars is all that is needed to create 20+ cutting edge, ground breaking EMOTIONAL HEALTH APPS. Most of the money will go to promote these apps and create text books that will nurture brain education along with a conference on BRAIN EDUCATION.

These are the steps our leaders need to take to introduce brain education; apart from creating text books that nurture wisdom/brain-education/emotional-health:

1) Train parents in nurturing healthy self-identity/emotional-intelligence/brain/mind/wisdom/emotional-health/self-image in their young.

2) Create brain/mind/self-identity/emotional-health/wisdom/emotional-intelligence inspectors/coaches who must track and guide/coach the brain/mind/self-identity development from birth onwards till the infant enters school.

3) Train teachers to detect and heal emotionally challenged self-identities of the young and old students.

4) Create self-identity/wisdom/emotional-intelligence/self-image seminars for those older.

5) Create a whole new subject for all grade levels; that transforms brains and minds into super-emotional-health/wisdom.

6) Our leaders must use the bully pulpit to wake up America to the damage that we our doing to our future generations by raising them on the false belief that each one is the best.

7) Just as learning each extra subject like math and science; even painting and learning to play music adds extra horse/brain power to the brain, similarly learning computer coding/programing adds extra brain/horse power to the brain. Computer programing must be added as a compulsory subject for PreK-12 and beyond.

Our Leaders Must Wake up to the Fact that Mind Education is Built on the Foundation of Brain Education and Yet Brain Education is Ignored, Neglected and Above all the Brain is Miseducated.

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