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Antonio\'s Quest for Peace - The Friends of Peace Press Release

Antonio\'s Quest for Peace - The Friends of Peace, is an attempt to share some of his idea about Peace of Mind to any human being who is hungry for Peace.

    / - March 22, 2005 - The main characters in this book are the Friends of Peace which are
(1) the Spirit of Peace (2) the Spirit of Faith (3) the Spirit of Dreams (4) the Spirit of Wisdom and a collection of (5) Spiritual Guarantees.

The author presents the idea of the Spirits above as Prophecies, ideas that promises to bring Peace of Mind to reader tomorrow in the future and today in the present.

Antonio's Quest for Peace "Prophecies" are a collection words that do not guarantee happiness, but a group of poetic phrases trying to teach Human Beings to see the "Beauty in the Moment" !

Antonio's Quest for Peace is also an Art Show. It is a collection of over 200 fine line ink drawings painted with either watercolor paints, acrylic paints and digital painting software.

The Author in this book is a reluctant Prophet, a human being who was blessed with some Spiritual Ideas he is confident very few people will ever read or buy, but going on with the idea because he knows it is his destiny.

If you interested in reading some thought provoking ideas and observing some new modern art that represent over 30 years of practice and determination as an artist ; then you will enjoy Antonio's Quest for Peace.

This is the first book by A M Benjamin Services, a new publisher in San Francisco, CA

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