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Atlanta Dentists at Downtown Atlanta Dentistry Discuss New Zoom! 2 Tooth Whitening System

Zoom!2 is the quickest, most effective and gentlest in-office tooth whitening offered by Downtown Atlanta Dentistry.

    ATLANTA, GA, April 24, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Zoom! whitening in Atlanta is one of the most popular tooth whitening systems available. The dentists at Downtown Atlanta Dentistry are pleased to announce that Zoom! has come out with its newest patent-pending tooth whitening system called Zoom!2.

Zoom!2 improves on the original Zoom! system by reducing the sensitivity patients experience afterwards and improving the speed of the procedure while maintaining a high level of results. Patients may experience as much as 67 percent less sensitivity when compared to the original Zoom! system. The new procedure itself takes 33 percent less time, providing results in only 45 minutes.

Downtown Atlanta Dentistry's cosmetic dentists in Atlanta will begin your Zoom!2 session by checking your teeth and gums to ensure that they are healthy and able to be bleached. Once you're cleared, they will place a whitening gel of hydrogen peroxide on your teeth and shine a low-heat Zoom! light on the gel to activate it, breaking down the hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide breaks apart into water and oxygen, and this extra oxygen enters your teeth to remove stains in the dentin and enamel.

The preparation period before you begin your Zoom!2 whitening takes 15 minutes, then the whitening itself takes as little as 45 minutes, meaning that Atlanta teeth whitening patients are finished within an hour's time.

"Results from this simple, hour-long bleaching session can last you for quite some time, especially if you follow the simple post-whitening care instructions," says Ken Tralongo, CEO of Tralongo Management.

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