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Atlanta Video Experts at Optimum Productions Share Three Video Trends You Should Embrace in 2014

Optimum Productions explains that 2014 will offer advertisers and consumers more choice in how video advertisements are experienced.

    ATLANTA, GA, January 13, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Video production company Optimum Productions believes that 2014 is showing some early promise when it comes to video-based advertising. Facebook, Google and the cloud will each offer marketers a more intelligent method of delivering ads to their customers while simultaneously improving customer experience.

Optimum Productions, which specializes in corporate video in Atlanta, has already seen Facebook begin rolling out its auto-play video feature to news feeds across the world. This auto-play capability is already being used to place more interactive video ads to the US market, but Europe is expected to be included by 2014's third or fourth quarter.

These ads are consumer friendly in that uninterested consumers can simply scroll past them; however, interested customers will spare the 15 seconds to watch, followed by higher conversion rates.

Google has also rolled out a new video ad format, which it touts as a win/win for advertisers and consumers: TrueView. TrueView video ads are attached to YouTube videos, but they give consumers more autonomy by allowing them to choose which ads they want to watch and when.

Optimum Productions' Atlanta video production team notes that advertisers are only charged when a viewer decides to watch your ad, making it easier to control your marketing budget. You also will get a greater return on your investment because your messages are primarily seen by engaged viewers.

The majority of streamed video ads are currently delivered in a clumsy, server-based way. However, 2014 promises to give advertisers the ability to deliver their messages straight from the cloud, providing a more seamless watching experience. Cloud delivery also ensures that the ad is seen even by individuals with blocking software because it meshes seamlessly with the desired content.

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