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ATS Global Access Takes the Guesswork Out of Dub Nutrition's International Expansion

ATS and fast-growing supplier of health & wellness lifestyle systems expands focus to Australia.

    PROVO, UT, March 19, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Access Technology Solutions (ATS) has announced a new international sales and shipping partnership that is helping dub Nutrition expand its international operations from Canada into Australia. Having already helped Canadian clients discover their ultimate body ("dub"), the fitness systems and wellness supplements company is looking to put the dub in down under with an ambitious program designed to reset how Australians get fit and stay that way.

Over the last five years dub Nutrition has been serving tens of thousands of customers and several thousand distributors all over the United States. Dub provides a cutting edge system that expertly balances healthy eating, exercise and cutting edge nutritional supplements. Now the dub Nutrition community has once again turned to ATS, its trusted partner for international expansion, for help opening up a new frontier for fitness and healthy lifestyles -- this time in Australia.

"Based on the early results from our start-up efforts in Canada with team Dub, we're projecting that their distributors in Australia will quickly see healthy benefits that range from lower overall costs and flat rate wholesale and retail shipping to faster transit times and more innovative export processes," said Chris Boyle, ATS' CEO and co-founder. "It's been refreshing to have the opportunity to work with Jeremy and Hollie's super-energetic team and to be able to help take the guesswork out of international expansion."

Dub Nutrition's unique "Reset" system balances three pillars of health (healthy eating, exercise and nutritional supplements) that allow clients to discover the ultimate potential of their body. Dub's core products are known as the dub Burner, dub Muscle, dub Youth, dub Energy and dub Protein 2.0

Dub Burner contains no ephedra or caffeine anhydrous; it addresses five key factors to losing weight -- appetite control, mental alertness, fat oxidation, athletic performance, and water balance. dub Muscle uses ingredients like milk thistle, beta alanine, acai, and vitamins B6 and C to rid the body of free radicals and increase blood flow to lean tissue. Dub Youth combines Acai, Resveratrol, Curcumin, Vitamins A, C, D, E, B12, and Alpha-lipoic-acid to help the body restore, strengthen and protect organs and tissues and fight off the effects of aging. Dub Energy is a 2 oz. energy shot packed with B vitamins, niacin, and folic acid while dub Protein is a convenient gel pack designed for athletes loaded with 20 grams of hydrolyzed collagen and whey protein isolate, a 1600 mg Amino acid blend, and a special blend of electrolytes.

"We offer five of the most revolutionary wellness products available today. Yet the success of the dub system has really happened because of widespread team support. Support is absolutely critical to our clients' success and this support comes from within - it cannot be purchased or manufactured," explains Jeremy Wardle, dub Nutrition's founder and CEO. "The support we've received from Chris and the ATS team in Canada has been the key ingredient we've needed to jumpstart our international sales distribution programs. Pre-launching dub Nutrition in Australia is now all about continuing to take the dub lifestyle global, which is the next really exciting chapter of our growth story."

Canada and Australia are two of the hottest cross-border destinations for health and wellness products. Internationally, personal care (up 35%) and wellness products (up 25%) were by far 2012's two fastest-growing direct- sold products. Last year direct sellers saw a whopping 39% increase of sales of personal care goods in Canada, while Canadian sales of wellness products increased almost twenty percent (18%). In Australia, personal care sales jumped 30% while the wellness products muscled up an increase of 27%.

ATS' consolidated lane to Canada has reduced the number of days required for dub's products to reach Canadian distributors. ATS' two high-speed, low-friction Canadian induction centers offer a unique opportunity for fast-growing direct sellers to take advantage of surging demand for wellness products in Canada. Its New York-based warehouse and distribution hub serves dub's Eastern Canadian distributors and customers while ATS' Washington state-based facilities cover territories throughout Western Canada.

ATS' proprietary Australian shipping lane opened spring 2012. ATS' service delivers significant savings on shipping to Australia; 50% to 80% less than common carrier's published rates. Clients experience a much shorter transit time; four to five days from ATS' U.S. facilities to major cities in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide. The ATS solution also offers flexibility with duty/tax payment (DDU/DDP - Delivered Duty Unpaid/Paid) and shipping consolidation options that can further reduce its clients' international shipping costs. The turn-key, cross-border commerce and logistics solution can have direct selling companies selling into the Australian market in just a matter of weeks.

About Dub Nutrition

Ever since a wake-call in a hospital emergency room turned Jeremy Wardle into a life-long fitness guru, he has noticed that when shoppers go to nutrition stores, they encounter thousands of different bottles of similar-looking products on the shelves. Couple this army of anonymous bottles of supplements with such a wide range of different opinions on what works and why, and one finds that most shoppers don't know where to start nor what to believe. Dub Nutrition's reset program was born to answer this simple call for clarity. Growth of its revolutionary products has established a market niche with huge global growth potential. Dub Nutrition's expert network is also growing globally as the firm's sphere of influence spreads quickly throughout the health and fitness ranks. A plethora of testimonials from personal trainers at both small and large local gyms attest to the fact that the dub Nutrition program is a simple and an easy way for fitness consultants and trainers alike to get their clients on a simple plan that produces rapid results. Dub Nutrition is taking the guesswork out of fitness supplements and holistic wellness programs.

Access Technology Solutions (ATS) is the leading international sales and logistics partner for the Direct Selling and digital commerce industry, helping some of the markets biggest names expand overseas faster and with less risk and investment. ATS offers companies a simple, low risk way to sell and distribute products profitably into international markets at significantly lower costs and with demonstratively higher levels of client satisfaction.

With the ATS Global Access logistics portal, ATS clients can tap into a world class network of logistics partners that offer both direct shipping from the US and global, in-country warehousing. In addition, ATS provides direct-to-consumer and retail brands with the ATS Distributor Portal, a service that combines native language websites, customer support, order capture and local payment methods. The ATS Goopping division ( lets international online shoppers purchase products from their favorite US online retailer and get their orders shipped straight to their door.

For more information about how Access can help your international sales growth, please contact Greg Johnson at 877-811-8108.

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