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Author Skye Gordon Announces Release of New Novel, 'The Comeuppance'

The new book details the fictional story of an abused and scarred young girl's path to forgiveness

    WILMINGTON, NC, July 23, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Author Skye Gordon has announced the release of a new novel, 'The Comeuppance'. As one of the authors of great literary erotic fiction, Skye Gordon produces works of wildly entertaining fiction that are engrossing, captivating and tantalizing. In a comparable genre of '50 Shades of Gray', her books are earthy and passionate, but unlike many books in the genre, Gordon addresses a number of serious social issues within a broader context of literary erotica.

Her command of the English language and deft storytelling combine to produce not just a book, but an experience. Her characters are flawed, but delightfully and fully human. Deficiency transforms into strength of character - imperfection leads to redemption and finally to forgiveness and acceptance.

40 year old Sheila is the central character of the book. Beneath her cool exterior lies a little girl trapped inside a nightmare.

A woman scorned... except, in this case, it is not a woman. It is a little girl trapped in a world she cannot understand. She cannot adjust and so she acts out the forces of what she perceives is evil...leading her to develop behaviors in order to survive. As she matures, fortuitous events cross her path, including finding a job with Michael, a clever businessman with a dangerous company.

Being a high-end prostitute, escort, madame and a dominatrix in an S&M environment meets her addiction needs - but business and her past don't mix. Revenge may be the only way to kill the ghosts of her haunted past. What if she kills the boy that started it all? Will killing him succeed in erasing her sordid past? And what if she finds out there is no revenge, but find a circuitous path of forgiveness and redemption instead?

"I wrote this book to highlight the plight of many young and innocent children in this country and any other country in the world," Gordon stated. "How they can be and are indeed exploited in many ways - physically, mentally and sexually is illustrated in this story. I have seen this firsthand happen to a young neighbor completely unable to defend herself. It can serve to alert the proper authorities - be it the parents, the relatives and neighbors. There are signs and symptoms that can be gleaned from the child's behavior that might indicate some of these abuses being perpetuated. In the case of Sheila, she had no defense mechanisms except for a distanced mother who could only commiserate with her living conditions. Through her own efforts and fortuitous circumstances, she went on with life and found a way of mending her broken life."

Reviews have praised 'The Comeuppance'. One said, "The book has a strong narrative, seasoned by delicious erotic flavorings, joined in a most satisfying mix." Another stated, "The core strength is in the narrative and it is a good one."

Skye Gordon is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at [email protected]. Readers can also visit her Facebook page. "The Comeuppance" is available at Amazon. More information, including a sample and a blog, is available at Gordon's website at

Skye Gordon resides in New York City. A former academic, she has written and published non-fiction articles in technical magazines. She now devotes herself to writing full time and volunteering. She prides herself to being a good listener and an observer of human behavior and life where she gets her passion for writing. She has jointly published a book of poetry "Hidden in the Light" with the Hamilton Poets of New York.

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