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By Nature Companies, LLC Launches Alkaline (pH9+) Water: AGUA+

With Launch of Alkaline Bottled Water AGUA+, By Nature Companies Taps into the "Ultimate Commodity", Expanding Consumer Reach and Fortifying Commercial Viability

(With Agua+) we've created an opportunity to bolster our sports nutrition line, while at the same time not confining potential consumers to the sports nutrition market - on both a B2B and retail level

    TROY, MI, June 28, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- By Nature Companies, LLC (BNC) hits growth milestone with launch of new product: Agua+ (Agua Plus). Agua+ is an alkaline (pH 9+) bottled water enriched with electrolytes and minerals. The company's introduction of another heathy-alternative product is a strategic move to expand BNC's product line, which offers lifestyle-based solutions for sustainable weight-loss, sports nutrition and athletic performance.

"Agua+ was conceived out of the same fundamental factors on which (By Nature Companies) was founded," said By Nature Companies, LLC Co-founder Chad Willis. "Fundamentals centered on creating value-added 'healthy-alternative' products capable of replacing unhealthy and 'seemingly healthy' choices, and guiding people from around the world down a path to sustainable healthy living."

"(With Agua+) we've created an opportunity to bolster our sports nutrition line, while at the same time not confining potential consumers to the sports nutrition market - on both a B2B and retail level. (Agua+) literally opens the door to bringing every person walking this earth into our sphere of influence. And it's not just a simple 'hey here's a bottle of water, have a nice day...' Agua+ will be utilized as a catalyst - a baby step - towards helping people make small changes in daily habits that add up to improving overall quality of life."

The average North American diet has been said to contribute to chronic low-grade acidosis, which upsets the body's natural pH (acid-alkaline scale ranging from 0-14 with 7 being neutral). The human body is designed to be slightly alkaline with blood pH hovering around 7.4. Poor diet and nutrition can gradually push the body towards an acidic state. This chronic condition impacts the body over time, potentially causing mineral loss, digestive problems, cardio-vascular ailments, and many other health issues.

Common beverages like soft drinks and sports drinks are highly acidic, typically ranging from 2.5 - 3.6 on the pH scale. Average US tap water, and most bottled water, is typically acidic - ranging from a pH of 5.5 to 6.5.

AGUA+ exists as a counterbalance - alkaline bottled water with a pH of 9+. The premium purified water is enriched with minerals and electrolytes, and contains no calories, sodium or fluoride.

BNC is strategically launching AGUA+ throughout North America, with a special focus on exploiting newly developed partnerships and distribution networks within Mexico - which has extremely poor water quality and is also the world's leader in per capita consumption of bottled water.

Willis went on to say, "We've placed a focal point on developing our brands across North America. Infrastructure in the US and Canada essentially fell into place - which allowed us to place a special focus on developing E-commerce and Wholesale Distribution in Mexico."

"The stats speak for themselves... (In Mexico) water quality is not good and obesity rates are climbing - while at the same time more money is being spent on health, Internet accessibility and mobile devices are becoming increasingly widespread, and disposable income among the 20-40 year old demographic is up. (Mexico is) on the cusp of an E-commerce and health revolution, and we're in an incredible position with the right brand, the right partnerships, and the right products to make some major waves."

BNC has solidified distribution contracts with major retailers - one of the most significant for AGUA+ the Company says is 7-Eleven - which will quickly place AGUA+ in front of the Company's target consumers.

To further drive AGUA+ into the market, BNC is partnering with brand ambassadors like Formula 1 racing driver, Sergio "Checo" Perez. Formula 1 is among the top spectator sports in the world, with viewership skyrocketing in Mexico. BNC states that mass distribution, combined with product endorsements from brand ambassadors like Checo Perez, will propel sales and brand-awareness not only for Agua+, but for the company's entire product line.

For more information on Agua+ or to become a wholesaler, please contact us at [email protected]

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