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Citipeak Events: The 5 Habits of Top Athletes that Can Be Transferred into the Business Environment

Event marketing firm, Citipeak Events review the top 5 habits that can easily be transferred from today's top sporting professionals and into the business world.

    LONDON, ENGLAND, May 28, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- It is widely recognised that people involved in sport or those who have a passion for following sport are more likely to achieve in the business world. There are striking parallels between those that play or have played sport and business success. Fierce competition, coping with pressure, winning by sometimes the smallest of margins, achieving goals and targets, hard work, perseverance and seep-seated determination are just some of the characteristics that sport prepares a person with, which can seamlessly be transferred into the business world.

About Citipeak Events:

Citipeak Events believes that in the workplace, having a sports background creates a great worker who will find a way to win.

The firm lists their top 5 reasons why sports people make great business professionals:

- They're achievement orientated
- They're resilient
- They're strong communicators
- They're team orientated
- They manage time well

An article on (20 May 2015) revealed that the same techniques athletes use to perform under pressure allow business leaders to excel in the professional sphere.

The article lists the top 5 practices that will improve both a person's health and performance in the workplace.

Citipeak Events reviews these below.:

1. Adopt a power pose
Before competing, athletes often stand tall with their shoulders back and head up. Adopting certain postures improves your body's performance and it also demonstrates a level of control and confidence in the workplace.

2. Practice relaxation breathing
Stress and tension undermine performance and contribute to the development of stress. Taking relaxing breaths will help to improve psychological state and boost business performance.

3. Focus
When playing sport, staying focussed is critical for success. Humans are unable to focus on multiple things at the same time, so in order to perform at your best, it is critical to find time each day to focus exclusively on only the most important projects and tasks.

4. Hydrate
Athletes know that water is fundamental to their performance. Dehydration makes the body and brain sluggish; water will help a person to maintain focus and stamina.

5. Be '1% better'
Incredible sport performance is due to thousands of hours of practice. In business, a person should strive to be 1% better each day. Small daily improvements will amplify a person's life.

Citipeak Events is an event marketing company based in East London. As a small business, Citipeak Events set up private site events where they represent their client's brands and sell and promote their products and services. The firm work with a range of sales contractors who demonstrate many of the same transferable qualities that are found in top sports professionals.

Citipeak Events is an outsourced sales and event marketing firm that specialises in face-to-face marketing that delivers a high ROI for their clients.

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