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Clergy Sexual Abuse in Children

In cases of sexual abuse involving children and members of the clergy, including priests, sensitivity and compassion are necessary. The right Arizona attorney will bring both qualities to cases involving victims of abuse in the church.

    PHOENIX, AZ, September 05, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In a child's life each adult figure plays an important role in their perceptions of trust and human relationships. A pastor is supposed to aid in the spiritual upbringing of a child and guide them towards living a rightful path. When a pastor breaks this trust and sexually abuses your child, they deserve to be brought to justice for this horrific wrongdoing. In Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Phoenix area there have been several cases where the parent was unaware of the sexual assault brought upon from the victim. Protecting your child is a parent's number one priority. An Arizona personal injury attorney can help you bring these criminals to justice and handle your case with the sensitivity needed for you and your loved ones.

Due to the extreme nature of these cases, the physical and emotional damages to your child are very difficult to determine. In some cases it could take a lifetime to recover from this traumatic experience. Clergy members are supposed to be fulfilling their role as the examples of godly men who would never hurt a child. Some examples of the types of pain and suffering that a child can endure include:

Physical and Emotional Consequences

• Shame
• Guilt
• Low self esteem
• Depression
• Bruising/scarring
• Detachment
• Unmotivated to do school work

While there are many cases involving the Catholic church, any church can be at risk. While complete prevention may be difficult, there are warning signs that a parent or loved one can look out for in cases where there is suspicious behavior involving clergy members. Some warning signs include:

Warning Signs

• The pastor is being overly friendly, or touching your child excessively and inappropriately
• The pastor may frequently ask to spend alone time with your child and unsupervised
• You may notice other behaviors that may be deemed questionable by a man of his moral standings.
• There may be special privileges given to your child and not other children.
• The pastor may pay noticeably more attention to children then adults, and may engage in more activities with pastor.
• Most importantly, your child should never be unsupervised by a church official.

The United States conference of Catholic Bishops conducted a intense study and concluded that during 1950 to 2002 there were almost 11,00 individuals who made allegations of child sexual abuse that were committed by 4, 392 priests. Unfortunately only 6% of all these priests were convicted, and only 2% received any form of prison sentence. This lack of justice is due to the delicacy and hesitance towards such a sensitive subject.

Here in Arizona, there have been numerous allegations that high ranking church officials and members knew about the sexual abuse going on in Arizona. A Phoenix bishop conducted a criminal investigation that was done illegally therefore it resulted in more victims suffering at their abusers.

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When handling sexual assault cases involving children it can be heartbreaking and difficult for any parent or loved one. An Arizona personal injury lawyer can help find a wide range of support and services for survivors of clergy sexual abuse. For more information please contact:

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