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DC Mouthguards Steps UP Custom Mouth Guard Game with New Technologies

Prioritizing protection Damage Control Mouthguards introduces its latest custom custom mouth guard technology.

    ALBUQUERQUE, NM, February 24, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Athletes in high contact sports like football, hockey, bull riding, MMA, and boxing have a higher risk of sustaining oral injuries compared to other sporting activities do to the high velocity impacts that can occur during those sports. Many over the counter mouth guards, and many custom mouth guards do not provide enough protection for these types of athletes.

This is why Damage Control has recently introduced a new technology that can be added to any of their custom mouth guards. This technology is what they are calling the Damproband Mouth Guard. The Damproband Mouth Guard is a custom mouth guard that has dispersion bands integrated into the mouth guard. These dispersion bands serve as a "roll bar" to your teeth and send potential high energy impacts from the more vulnerable front teeth to the better rooted back teeth. These dispersion bands are made out of Damage Control's own high shock absorbing material they call Damprotech.

"Since a lot of our customers participate in some of the most rigorous sports, we feel it is imperative to continually introduce better protective technologies to better protect our customers without compromising the fit and comfort of the mouth guard," says Founder and CEO of Damage Control Mouthguards The Damporband add on will be offered alongside Damage Control's HXC Mouth Guard, another technology Damage Control released back in 2016. The HXC contains a hard-additive core surrounded by two soft EVA layers. This hard layer allows for high impact distribution with minimal increase to the thickness of the mouth guard. "90% of all dental injuries happen to the front teeth. Damage Control chose to incorporate these two technologies to protect the most vulnerable areas of the mouth," says Dr. Vesna Delic, Vice President of Damage Control Mouthguards and a Licensed Dentist.

Both of these new technologies can be added to any custom-fabricated mouth guard. The HXC technology is a $50 add on, and the Damproband technology is a $30 add on. Athletes can opt for either of these technologies to maintain optimal performance and protection to their custom mouth guard.

Damage Control believes there is always better oral protective solutions that can be offered to their customers. Since the start of the company Damage Control has been driven by scientific data. As such, Damage Control Mouthguards is the only mouth guard provider that offers at home custom mouth guards with these built in technologies. All their custom mouth guards are function informed designed, meaning each custom mouth guard is designed to keep up with the impact of each particular sport, and athletes who order from them can rest assured they will have the highest performing mouth guard tailored to their sport, further a self-impressions will ensure that each hand-fabricated mouth guard is made to fit every time.

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