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Dental Cleaning Experts Norcross Dental Associates Discuss Possible Causes of Gum Pain

The dentists in Norcross, Ga., Norcross Dental Associates, address the common sources of gum discomfort and pain. Swollen and bleeding gum tissue is usually indicative of periodontitis.

    ATLANTA, GA, April 24, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The dentists in Norcross, Ga., Norcross Dental Associates, talk briefly about what could be causing your gums to hurt. Vigorous brushing or even using the a toothbrush with too tough of bristles can lead to some discomfort and bleeding, so pain does not always mean an infection is present.

Recurring discomfort or persistently sore tissue is another issue altogether and should be addressed before the situation potentially worsens. Oral pain is arguably one of the worst types, particularly due to the mass amount of nerve endings that are located near the gum line.

Reasons for Gum Pain
Oral pain can not only make it difficult to chew your food and speak properly, but it may also be the sign of an underlying infection. Periodontal disease should never be ruled out when a patient is showing signs of receding, swollen or bleeding gums.

Gingivitis occurs first and can be discomforting by itself, but periodontitis is a far worse animal that can spread into the jawbone and beyond, causing severe pain that sometimes necessitates surgical intervention.

Oral trauma is yet another potential cause your Norcross dentist will want to evaluate. Certain foods can aggravate gum tissue, such as those with hard or sharp edges, and lead to the formation of canker sores, which are incredibly sensitive and painful.

According to Ken Tralongo, CEO of Tralongo Management, "Seek medical attention if your gum pain does not go away within two weeks, as this could be the sign of either a disease or impacted teeth. Wisdom teeth are usually the culprit for the latter; they tend to come in at awkward angles and cause a lot of pressure in the mouth."

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