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Dental Implants In Hoffman Estates-top-notch Dentistry

Dr. Ankur Patel, Hoffman Estates dentist, discusses the top benefits of getting a dental implant over any other procedure.

Dr. Ankur Patel, Hoffman Estates dentist, discusses the top benefits of getting a dental implant over any other procedure.

    HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL, January 13, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Are you at a loss-tooth loss that is. Common reasons to lose a tooth include decay, infection, trauma and gum disease. However, it's not uncommon for a person to be at a loss about what to do next. It's a frustrating time, so the solution should be easy. Why not talk to Dr. Ankur Patel about a dental implant in Hoffman Estates.

"Dental implants exceed many patients expectations. Compared to dentures and particles, dental implants have that extra quality that makes this procedure an easy choice for tooth loss replacement," says Dr. Patel, Hoffman Estates dentist.

Why is a dental implant procedure so popular amongst patients? An implant offers stability, esthetic improvement and better function than other restorative solutions.

It's stable because the implant, typically made of titanium, is placed into the jawbone. A process called osseointegration occurs, causing the bone cells to attach to the implant. Since implant material (titanium) is biocompatible, bone cell and gum tissue easily accept it as apart of the body. Its unique property of fusing to bone is the main reason an implant is so durable and long lasting.

Once the jawbone and gum tissue heal over the implant, a dentist can attach the abutment to the implant. For the finishing touch, a synthetic crown is secured over the abutment. It all comes together very well and stays put, permanently.

In regards to how the dental implant looks and feels, advanced technology has made it possible to mimic the natural tooth. And the synthetic crown fits right between the neighboring teeth, so your dentist doesn't have to file away at them.

Since an implant fits so well, you will be able to eat and speak with ease. You don't need to take an implant out or use any special adhesive. All you really need to do is take extra care of your teeth and gums. Brush twice a day and floss, and you should make sure to brush around the dental implant. In Hoffman Estates, this procedure is readily available at Dr. Patel's dental practice.

To schedule an appointment for a dental implant in Hoffman Estates, call Caring Smiles Dental at (847) 776-4537 or submit an appointment request form that patients can find on Dr. Patel's comprehensive dental website at His interactive and informative website gives patients the opportunity to meet Dr. Patel and his staff.

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