All Press Releases for September 23, 2015

Emotional Health Apps Startup is Developing Apps that Replace Mind Ed. to Teach Wisdom With Brain Therapy to Create Emotional Health. Wise Parenting & Emotional Health Apps are Live

These apps shift the task from feeding wisdom knowledge to an emotionally challenged mind to physically healing the emotionally challenged brain into emotional health. These apps make the path to wisdom by way of brain therapy. Please spread the word

    WASHINGTON, DC, September 23, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The tragedy of wisdom education is that our experts are still confused about the functions of the brain and mind; in spite of all the advances in the mind sciences. The mind functions in words while the brain in biochemical reactions that are generated by the existing brain wiring. When the mind is taught wisdom knowledge in words, it wants to follow but the brain biochemically filters the lessons based on past fixations. The mind tries to soak up the inspiring insights but the brain's existing beliefs alter and pollute the new knowledge. So all this wisdom (mind) education falls on deaf/emotionally-challenged brains.

The chief quality of wisdom is love. As love is an emotion; wisdom is an emotion. It is well established that love is a function of the heart. So wisdom is also a function of the heart. In actual reality the heart has no feelings and what is referred to as the heart is actually the brain. Thus wisdom is a function of the brain.

When the brain is emotionally challenged then it will project an emotionally challenged mind. For thousands of years what our wisdom experts do not get is that a brain that is emotionally challenged will continue to project an emotionally challenged mind no matter how much wisdom knowledge is poured into the emotionally challenged mind. It is clear that wisdom is generated by an emotionally healthy brain. Wisdom is the smoke where the emotionally healthy brain is the fire. Thus the quality/health of the mind is dependent on the quality/health of the brain.

The brain is like a movie projector that projects a self conscious self image. An emotionally challenged brain continuously projects an emotionally challenged self image and current wisdom education is like instead of repairing the projector/brain the projected self image is taught to educate itself into wisdom. It is like the movie projector is projecting a black and white image and attempts are made to change the image into color through educating the self image! Say if the self image is physically red; can it be educated into becoming blue? It is very clear that creating wisdom has little to do with educating the mind and has everything to do with healing the brain; the source of the mind.

Tens of thousands of books on wisdom education all trying to explain the road map of teaching wisdom to the mind when the mind itself is a projection of the brain. No wonder wisdom education is a failure as knowledge of wisdom is put into an emotionally challenged mind; while no attempt is made to heal the emotionally challenged brain.

The time has come to wake up to the fundamental blunder of our experts trying to teach wisdom to the mind that is emotionally challenged. The mind is a fragrance of the brain and to improve the quality of the fragrance it is the source of the fragrance that has to be improved. Trying to educate the emotionally challenged mind results in failure as it is the emotionally challenged brain that has to be healed. Thus wisdom education is brain therapy that heals the brain into emotional health.

We have created Emotional Health Apps; a startup that is going to create apps that will replace wisdom education that tries to teach wisdom knowledge to the emotionally challenged mind with the road map to make the brain emotionally healthy.

America is the #1 emotionally challenged country in the world and it will remain so unless we correct the blunders our experts make that result in this tragic situation:

1. America provides emotionally challenged parenting that creates emotionally challenged brains and to correct this we have developed the app - Wise Parenting.

2. a) Our wisdom experts try to teach the mind how to become wise; when wisdom is a function of the brain.

b) Our experts try and fail to create wisdom as they leave the ignorance generating emotional baggage in place in the brain. It takes decades of experience to grind out the emotional baggage that blocks wisdom. Our 2nd. app Emotional Health grinds out the emotional baggage now.

Wise Parenting is live on google play and iTunes. Emotional Health is live on google play and is under review on iTunes. Another dozen apps are planned.

This startup will need all your support. Please download these apps and review them. Share with your family and friends. Please also bring these apps to the attention of our leaders in government and in education.

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