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Empower All Digital Learners in Science Through Vocabulary linked to Real World Content, DIIMSA VBOARD. Join the Excitement!

When it comes to Digital Generation Learners, it takes vision, research and innovation to create empowering activities and strategies. To reach this generation, DIIMSA Researchers have developed an empowering real world connection activity -- DIIMSA

"Sky's the limit" is a phrase that captures the essence of DIIMSA VBOARD. Students and their teachers are revitalized and reenergized. The study of science comes to life.

    HOUSTON, TX, September 29, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Vocabulary in schools should be a major focus and link to real and relevant content. Why? Terminology ultimately establishes the foundation for "big ideas" or concepts. If students do not truly understand the vocabulary, teaching specific objectives for the concept becomes incredibly difficult as students get muddled in trying to memorize terms, while not truly understanding how to apply terms.

How do we teach vocabulary to digital natives who appear to know more about information technology gadgets and digital capturing devices than adults do? How can increasing interest in science lead to a decrease in the dropout rate? How do we use inquiry and allow digital learners to truly think critically? With the creation of DIIMSA VBOARD, DIIMSA Researchers have taken an innovative approach to answering these questions.

Digital Imagery as an Instructional Mode for Student Achievement "Vocabulary Connections Board" (DIIMSA VBOARD) is a vocabulary-enhancement activity that provides a way for students to connect words (content, concepts, academic vocabulary, action verbs, SAT words) to a scene (picture or video) based on their own context of understanding. This activity can be used for any word encountered in teaching science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas and crosscutting concepts. Any scene (including catastrophic events--hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, etc.) can be used to provide teachers and facilitators a means to highlight key words that "bring it home" for students. Ultimately, DIIMSA VBOARD provides a way for students to apply words to an experience and make words come alive.

DIIMSA VBOARD guidesets include research-based and well-accepted DIIMSA activities that provide a roadmap for teachers. Guidesets, available from the DIIMSA online store, provide everything educators need to get started using DIIMSA VBOARD. DIIMSA facilitators, teachers and administrators highly recommend these popular guidesets to stimulate students' interest and involvement in learning vocabulary. Guidesets are aligned to science concepts that are taught across all 50 states and correlated to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

A teacher using DIIMSA VBOARD said: "I observed how engaged my students became when I facilitate DIIMSA VBOARD. They find it engaging and soon realize the importance of learning their vocabulary in order to be prepared to respond in class and participate in the Word Challenge on Twitter using Real World scenes. It is amazing that digital camera capturing devices are considered a norm in society, and DIIMSA VBOARD fits right in with the way students think. The DIIMSA VBOARD Guidesets are amazing because they illustrate ways to enhance vocabulary for any lesson or standard [concept or teaching objective]."

Join us in announcing the DIIMSA VBOARD Guidesets. If you have not visited our learning community lately, take the time to check out the latest resources to help you ignite creativity in your classroom and pave the way for all students to excel!

DIIMSA Guideset Spotlight page -

DIIMSA Real World Scenes - Stock Sites: Getty Images (, and (Keyword Search: DIIMSA) These sites contain select DIIMSA-EXPERT high-resolution scenes across thousands of locations (i.e. Alaska, Yellowstone, Texas, Florida, Channel Islands, Urban areas, etc...) including exceptional aerial views of the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston. All scenes on these sites were captured by DIIMSA Researchers.

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Established in 2000, is the premier practice-based professional development program for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teachers and facilitators. uses its research-based Digital Imagery as an Instructional Mode for Student Achievement (DIIMSA) Model to improve teacher quality and increase student engagement leading to student achievement in STEM. Schools and Districts that have implemented the DIIMSA Model understand why the results of positive, engaging, effective, connected and worthwhile concept-based professional development experiences for teachers aid in instructional and assessment successes that transfer directly into their individual classroom methods to allow student achievement to soar.'s DIIMSA Model was selected by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) as an exemplary science success story and is featured in NSTA's Exemplary Science monograph series. (Source: NSTA Press,

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