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Entrepreneurship is More Important in the Age of Automation, Says Akashic Ventures

Advocates of entrepreneurship, Akashic Ventures is confident that everyone has entrepreneurial characteristics. The firm has discussed why, in the age of automation, entrepreneurs are more important than ever before.

    LEEDS, ENGLAND, April 12, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The company has looked to the efforts of Muhammad Yunus, the Bangladeshi economist for inspiration. Founder of the Grameen Bank, Yunus won the Nobel peace prize in 2006 and continues to innovate within the business world. In 2011, he founded the Yunus Social Business Initiative, established at universities around the world. The centre teaches on Mr Yunus' conception of microcredit, which posits that every person is a natural entrepreneur. Though one tends to think of entrepreneurs as those who succeed in a globalised financial system, Mr Yunus argues that "human beings are not born to work for anybody else... For millions of years that we were on the planet, we never worked for anybody. We are go-getters. We are farmers. We are hunters. We lived in caves, and we found our own food, we didn't send job applications. So this is our tradition." Thus, everyone is a natural entrepreneur.


Akashic Ventures recognise that in this age of globalisation and technological revolution, Yunus's theory is pertinent. Globalisation has sent manufacturing from rich countries to poor, and machines will eventually kill many of those jobs too as corporations seek to minimise costs and maximise profits. In rich countries, jobs are more precarious; people no longer expect the security of a job for life. Akashic Ventures believes fostering entrepreneurship is the solution. Entrepreneurs can create new, smaller companies that avoid automation, contributing to the economy and creating jobs in the market.

Akashic Ventures offers individuals the chance to become part of the firm's future by providing exciting development opportunities. These options are predominantly for self-motivated and ambitious individuals, lasting for six to twelve months. Individuals participating begin as an entry level sales contractor, and later are given a chance to establish the firm in new target areas across the country. As part of the opportunity, the company will mentor and share sales skills, leadership skills, time management, financial administration and business management through workshops, seminars and conferences.

Akashic Ventures is Leeds' newest event marketing company. They create dynamic and engaging spaces to interact with consumers on a face-to-face basis. Their team of highly trained and professional sales contractors work to increase customer acquisitions and promote a positive brand awareness for clients' brands. Find out more at

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