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F.A.S.T. Global Marketing Investigate Brian Tracy's 7 Step Goal Setting Formula

In a bid to improve their goal setting skills, the Seattle based firm have spent this week studying the wise words of the motivational speaker and self-development guru, Brian Tracy.

    SEATTLE, WA, August 31, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- An author of over seventy self-help books, Tracy is known for providing guidance for business leaders and working professionals around the globe. F.A.S.T. Global Marketing has been specifically studying Million Dollar Habits, his guide on taking "complete control of your career and future financial life."

About F.A.S.T Global Marketing:

Tofiq Bolwala, President of the sales and marketing company, has been outlining the seven-step formula with his workforce in the hopes of equipping his team of entrepreneurs with the relevant skills needed to successfully meet their goals and achieve ultimate financial freedom...

Step one: Take time to consciously decide what it is you want to achieve in a certain area and write it down clearly, in detail. Ensure that the goal is specific and measurable.

Step two: Make a deadline for achieving this goal. The larger the goal, the more you will need to break it down into smaller parts.

Step three: List everything you need to do to make this goal a reality. Every time you think of a new item, add them to your list until it is complete.

Step four: Organise the list by creating a chronological plan of action. A plan, according to Brian Tracy, is a list of activities organised on the basis of two elements; priority and sequence. The business guru believes that "In organizing by priorities, you can determine the most important things you can possibly do on your list, to achieve your goal." Brian encourages all entrepreneurs to set clear priorities so as to avoid spending too much time on small, irrelevant tasks that do not help you on your quest to achieve your ultimate goal.

"In organizing by sequence," Brian explains, "you determine what must be done before something else can be done. You create a checklist. There are always activities that are dependent upon other activities being completed in advance. What are they, and what is the logical order or sequence of completion?"

Step five: Think about what obstacles and limitations stand in the way of you and your goal. Ask yourself, "Why have I not yet achieved this goal?" By identifying the most important constraint or limitation holding you back enables you to focus on removing that factor. Identify it clearly and go to work to eliminate it!

Step six: By this point, you should have determined your goal, developed a clear and concise plan and identified your major obstacles. It is now time to take immediate action toward achieving your goal. Do whatever you need to do to start moving in the right direction.

Step seven: The final part of this seven-step formula requires you to do at least one thing, every single day, that moves you toward your goal. By doing this, you will be moving closer and closer toward your goal one day at a time. In the words of Brian Tracy, "The habit of doing something every single day that moves you toward an important goal develops within you the power of momentum. Daily action deepens your belief that the goal is achievable and activates the law of attraction. As a result, you begin moving faster and faster toward your goal, and your goal begins moving faster and faster toward you."

F.A.S.T Global Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing firm with headquarters in Seattle and market reach spreading throughout the Mid-West. The company specializes in a personalized form of marketing which allows them to connect with their clients' ideal consumers on a face-to-face basis. This one-to-one connection with consumers helps the firm to drive long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. In turn, this often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.


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