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Futuristic Technology of Harmonic Waves for Your Personal Benefits is a pioneering undertaking that introduces a new line of affordable products operating in zero-point energy field.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke

    DUBLIN, IRELAND, July 29, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- We are living in a world that is losing its natural environment qualities. This affects the way we feel every day. Nothing is as it used to be back in the old good times. Many of us suffer from problems with concentration, apathy, insomnia, feeling of "burned out" and bi-polar mood swings to name a few. These are symptoms of the negative impact the civilization has on humans especially those pursuing their career in fast paced environment of the big cities.

How to remain active, healthy and full of energy and at the same time enjoy all the facilities provided by modern technology?

In early 2000, this question inspired the founders of Merhlin Labs and Harmonic Wave Foundation in Poland. Their quest to search for solutions neutralizing negative aspects of highly industrialized civilization resulted in discovering and formulating Harmonic Wave Technology which is the basis of the whole range of innovative products providing unique functions and qualities.

What is Harmonic Wave Technology ?

Harmonic Wave is a term describing a number of physical processes resulting in broadly understood energetic balance. Harmonic Wave Technology has been developed and patented by a group of Polish inventors who designed a set of nanogram processors and cybernetic radiators generating a zero-point energy field.

Zero-point energy field can be compared to quantum space vacuum with all the processes harmonizing magnetic fields, electromagnetic and different interactions between them. This state of balance of zero-point energy field has been successfully achieved in the laboratory and few years ago resulted in a whole line of smart devices that can be used in many ways. The list includes but is not limited to relaxing devices, bio-vitalizing water and food products, personal development harmonizers, plug-ins improving quality of sound and technological solutions to treat sewage, reduce emission of CO2 in combustion engines and improve use of fossil fuels.

One technology - many solutions!

Multiple applications of the technology are possible thanks to "intelligence" of the zero-point energy field which restores life's natural potential. At the moment it is just one of very few technologies using zero-point energy in practical applications neutralizing many negative influences of modern civilization. During the last fifteen years of the development, research and testing proved that consumption of bio-vitalized, structured water along with functioning in the harmonious atmosphere of Harmonic Wave rebuilds human potential quickly and efficiently. Merhlin Labs has a record of very positive feedback from the users of its early products since 2000.

This encouraged Merhlin Labs to start offering their products worldwide and establish with their partners an on-line outlet

"After 15 years of discoveries, experiments and testing Harmonic Wave Technology has reached a stage of readiness for commercial distribution. HWT is an absolute novelty that cannot be compared with any other product or technology available on the market. Having so many years of experience and very good feedback from existing Polish customers we see potential for our offer" - says one of the co-ordinators of the project Antoni Lesinski from Dublin. "Those smart devices have multiple applications be they water structuring, enhancing biovitality of food thorough electro smog neutralization or personal devices improving well-being and increasing bio-vital energy. This technology can be also used in combustion engines using liquid fuels or hi tech audio equipment. In each one of the above Merhlin Labs has been successful. Now we are ready to market our products" - adds Joanna Maksymowicz, the President of Harmonic Wave Foundation.

HarmonyVibe project is an on-line outlet of the devices that will be shipped from Poland. The creators of the project have decided to implement payment option not only for USD via PayPal but also for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin and dash.

"We have decided to add bitcoin because of a couple of reasons. First is that bitcoin community is very innovative and open minded for new technologies. I can tell this being myself involved in various bitcoin projects since 2011. Another is that like bitcoin the Harmonic Wave Technology itself is disruptive in the sense that it changes the way we see ourselves in highly advanced technological world. I can add that apart from the most popular BTC and LTC we put our stake on dash as we believe this cryptocurrency has a great potential" explains Antoni Lesinski. will start selling the devices on 30th July 2015.

HarmonyVibe is a commercial outlet of Merhlin Laboratory products.

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