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Global Bike and Scooter Sharing Startups Report-H1 2018 Edition

This report profiles the top 25 bike and scooter sharing start-ups. It discusses the top investors active in this space. It also provides an independent outlook of bike and scooter sharing market in US, Europe, Singapore and China.

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Highlights of the report

1. More than 150 investors have invested more than $5.7 billion cumulatively in these 25 start-ups over past 5 years.

2. About 81% of the total funding ($4.7 billions) has been raised by China based dock less bike sharing start-ups, followed by 16% in US and 3% other countries including Europe

3. If 2016 and 2017 was the year of investment in bike sharing, 2018 has been all about scooter sharing, with Lime and Bird raising ~ $0.8 billion in H1 2018

4. Among these 25 startups, by geography, Europe has the highest number of them(8), but so far they have received just ~$75 Million funding

5.US has been late to the bike and scooter sharing scene but investments have picked up thick and fast in the first six months of 2018.

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In H1 2018, these 25 start-ups raised a funding of more than $2.7 billion, which is more than 10% increase compared to ~$2.5 billion raised in full-year 2017. As of H1 2018, there are more than 50 bike and scooter sharing start-ups active globally. The total funding of all bike and scooter sharing start-ups from both private and corporate investors has gone past $5.7 billion as of H1 2018. More than 90% of that amount has been raised in the past 18 months. It is worth mentioning that only a few of the start-ups are generating revenue and some are yet to showcase a clear path to scale up and ultimately become profitable.

About investors

Automotive and transportation industry investors- With the onset of on-demand ride-hailing, the auto industry has realized that Mobility as a service has the potential to displace car ownership and their century-old business model. They need to adapt to the changing consumer requirements in mobility or else they might become irrelevant at some point in future.

Tech investors-These investors are looking to primarily gather data related to user behavior in important cities. Their investment in bike sharing is "strategic".

Chinese Investment firms- 2018 has been the year of Chinese investment firms. Chinese investment firms are way ahead of Silicon Valley VCs in terms of money put into tech start-ups. They closed ~300% more deals in Q4- 2017 than Q4-2016 and some of the deals have gone up to the tune of billion dollars.

About 25 Start-ups

These 25 start-ups can be broadly split in three categories

1. Bike sharing start-ups
2. Bike and scooter sharing start-ups
3. Scooter sharing start-ups

Bike sharing Start-ups- The boom in this market segment is led by Chinese operators, who have raised massive funding from Tech giants of China. Ofo and Mobike are competing head-on in this segment with US and Europe based bike-sharing start-ups.

Bike and scooter sharing start-ups- These start-ups mostly started as bike sharing but later inducted scooters in their fleet. Examples include Lime and Spin

Scooter sharing start-ups- As of June '18, there are 15+ scooter sharing start-ups active globally. Most of the scooter sharing start-ups are based out of US and Spain. Bird, Lime and Spin (all US-based) are the biggest names in this segment with cumulative funding of more than $850 Million till the end of June '18. In US, the scooter sharing start-ups started from San Francisco and now can be found in other important states like Texas, Washington D.C, Florida, Arizona and Colorado. In Europe, they are getting popular in Barcelona where three scooter start-ups are operating, Scoot, Yugo and e-cooltra. Vogo in India has also setup dock-less scooter sharing but its fleet consists of conventional scooters powered by a gas engine.

Apart from these three types, there is also a unique aggregator model followed by Grab cycle. It lists bikes and scooters from four different operators on its app and is the only operator to do so.

This report also includes

1. The funding history, business model, list of investors, growth goals and recent developments of all 25 start-ups

2. Market size of bike sharing market in US and Europe(2018)

3. Insights about investors active in the space

4. The details on bike and scooter sharing the business model with associated risks
5. Investment opportunity in the market

6. The profile of bike and scooter sharing users

7. The reason behind the high valuation of bike and scooter sharing start-ups

8. The implication of major acquisitions of bike and scooter sharing start-ups made by bigger companies

9. The bike and scooter sharing start-up scene in US, Europe, Singapore and China

10. Legislations and new developments in the bike and scooter sharing market in US, China, Europe and Singapore

Companies Profiled

1. Ofo
2. Mobike
3. Lime bike
4. oBike
5. Spin
6. Jump(acquired by UBER)
8. Zagster
9. Hello bikes(acquired by Youon bike)
10. Donkey Republic
11. BIXI
12. Flick Bike
13. Urbo Solutions
14. Next Bike
15. Grab Cycle
16. Yo Bike
17. Mobycy
18. Bird
19. Scoot
20. Yugo
21. E-cooltra
22. Vogo
23. Loop
24. Skip
25. City Scoot

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