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Global Data Bank Announces Launch in Brazil

Changes the way First Party data can be collected, protected, organized and activated.

    MIAMI, FL, November 18, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Global Data Bank (GDB) is announcing the launch of its market changing data platform in Brazil. The GDB provides a completely secure way to collect and activate Data, increasing advertising result and lowering the data costs dramatically.

Based on the idea that marketers need to take control of their data and match their online data against offline data to create better audience segments and targeting opportunities, the GDB platform allows full flexibility of a marketer's data in realtime.

The Global Data Bank is free to join and participation is at no cost and with no contractual obligations. Instead, the GDB only charges the clients a small platform fee when the data is activated across advertising. Those fees are 1/3 to 1/5 the price that advertisers currently pay for Third Party Data. This creates a much more efficient process, with better data options and better advertising results at a considerably cheaper overall cost.

The GDB is an American company that is launching first in Brazil. Owned by longtime Internet advertising veterans John deTar and Guilherme Soter in conjunction with technology partner Signal, a global leader in real-time, people based marketing, the GDB has been in beta with several Brazilian companies for over 6 months. This includes a major portal, a local DSP, AOL, ROIx and several agencies and marketers directly.

"Each marketer/agency/DSP gets their own bank account in the bank. That secure account allows them to bring data from multiple places including both online and offline. From there, marketers can build their own segments and clusters and activate them in realtime programmatically at any DSP in Brazil, including Yahoo (YAM+), AOL, Melt, MediaMath, RocketFuel, and Google," said John deTar.

"Typically marketers would pay 15-30% to purchase Third Party data to use for their campaigns. With the GDB they pay only 5% platform fees and they only pay when the data is activated. Their private bank account is free and they do not pay for any of the services of integration, collection, organization or onboarding of data," added Guilherme Soter. "The idea is to make it easy for advertisers/agencies, so they do not have to build their own Data Management Platforms (DMP's) and instead can benefit from the economies of scale that come with the GDB platform. We never sell any data. We just provide the platform and tools to make marketers most valuable data work for them."

Last month the GDB collected more than 11 billion impressions of First Party Data in Brazil for the Beta partners and has access to offline data of 180+ million Brazilians to match their clients online data against.

On average, the beta results of the GDB have been very impressive. Participants are seeing 3.2x better results against their KPI's at 1/3 to 1/5 the cost of Third Party Data providers. This translates to 10.2x better use of funds when using the GDB versus standard data providers.

"We really don't find the results surprising," said deTar. "It is what should be expected when you can lower the data costs and concentrate the process on primarily First Party Data instead of Third Party data that you don't know where it is being collected."

Commercially, the GDB is being led by Marcelo Pincherle who came over to run the GDB from Experian and has a strong knowledge base in both online and offline data. As part of the technology partnership, Marcelo Nogueira of Signal will also move over to be on the commercial team based in Sao Paulo.

The GDB was created and operates to provide marketers full control of their data in a secure and organized platform. It fundamentally reduces the tech stack and tech costs associated with data while maximizing the value across all forms of online and offline advertising. The platform creates economies of scale for all participants and higher results for the marketers.

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