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He Just Add a Hole for Coffee Cup Lid, Many Lives Can be Saved Every Year

A French PhD student designed a special disposable coffee cup lid named Flies Trap Lid, which can catch flies after using. His purpose is saving lives by cutting the spread of vector-borne diseases carried by flies.

    TOULOUSE, FRANCE, February 25, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Disposable coffee cups are becoming one of our most common consumables thanks for its portability, capability of saving time and of enjoying coffee at any time. But with massive uses, our environment suffer a lot. And the remains inside the coffee cup becoming the best food for flies.

From the beginning of invention, the appearance of the coffee cup lid has been changing, people designed different shapes for becoming more convenient to drink, and prevent to spill or even the lips shape were designed. However, they are always disposable and the never escape the fate of being thrown away.

Now, the design of the disposable coffee cup lid is redefined by a French PhD student, his name is LI ZHU, from China. The coffee cup lid, which he designed and called the Flies Trap Lid, could catch flies to prevent the spread of the disease and save thousands and thousands of lives each year. Li didn't learn design before, he designed this coffee cup lid, just because he inadvertently read the World Health Organization's reports, According to WHO, every year, more than one billion people are infected and more than one million die from vector-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue and leishmaniasis carried by mosquitoes, flies and other vectors. In Africa, there a child dies of malaria every minute. In addition, there are many people around the world make their living by picking up garbage, or even live in the garbage dumps in where the flies are everywhere. They are at risk of life at all the time.

But eliminating flies is not easy. Flies reproduce quickly and almost live in every corner of the world. No one will take the initiative to destroy the flies, unless they bring very serious damage. And the eliminating flies process also costs a lot.

How does Flies Trap Lid works, why it can save lives? In fact, it's very simple. Compare with the traditional lid, Flies Trap Lid has a conical trapping hole. Before drinking, the conical trapping hole is closed. After enjoying the coffee, people can open the conical trapping hole with one finger press. Since flies like moist, sweet things, the residual coffee will arrest flies to enter. The size of trapping hole is decreasing from outside to inside, the smallest space is just enough one fly to enter. And the trapping hole is down prominent in the middle of lid, it's very difficult for flies to escape. Flies will finally starve to death inside of cup. Since the crowd is in motion, they can take the disposable coffee cups to different direction. So the flies traps can be randomly, rapidly, widely, friendly set. You can also watch their video for detail: or visit their website:

The costs of Flies trap lid production is nearly the same as the traditional ones, but it gave the disposable coffee cup a second life, lying in the trash they can It can still continue to serve mankind by trapping flies in public places. This also makes people who use disposable coffee cup become a hero of preventing the infectious disease. This is a continuous control of fly's production in a wide range without extra cost. Since the cups with Flies trap lid can keep the complete body of flies, the beverage cups that people randomly throw away, form a distributed fleet network. Researchers only need to collect samples in coffee cups, they can carry out the identification of species and density of the population, without consume any resources or additional manpower to place the trap-cage.

LI ZHU is a standard IT guy, he didn't learn design before. Fortunately, when he told his friends about this idea, they all willing to help and join him. And they formed a team with a homophony name-FLYDAY. They also start a crowdfunding on Indiegogo to spread this idea: They will authorize this design to the coffee shop or the hotel for free, and hope to let people attach importance to the harm caused by flies, and pay attention to take care of themselves, so you can contact them if you have interests. They will also try to apply this design to other disposable food packaging.

In fact, change the world, do not need to be ground-breaking, do not need to be determined, but need the most kind-hearted, "the apple" just right off, a little bit of pique execution, several like-minded partner. They are not greedy, if this design can help one single person to avoid vector-borne diseases, can make the world a little bit better. That is all they want.

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Flies trap lid is designed to prevent the spread of vector-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue carried by mosquitoes, flies and other vectors. It cost the same as normal