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HexCare has been Revamped and is Now Known as Qolty

One of the most innovative healthcare firms has been redesigned and it's including new exciting features. Qolty aims to provide top healthcare and research management services for both students and current doctors.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, October 13, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The mobile clinical research platform, founded by the ex-NASA/ex-Google computer scientist, Alex Wormuth, has been rebranded and is now known as Qolty.

This is certainly good news for the medical field. HexCare has been known as one of the top choices when it comes to healthcare research management, and the rebranding of this company allows for exciting opportunities for both researchers and physicians.

Here are some of the new features Qolty is now providing to their clients:

Experience Sampling Method (ESM)

The ESM is a procedure which allows collecting and studying data directly obtained from the daily activities of the patients. It is all about documenting self-reports from the individuals during their waking hours.

The data collection is normally triggered by notifications coming from the Qolty application. This sampling method will let doctors evaluate moment to moment fluctuations regarding the patient's mental states and behavior during the day, allowing for insight into patients never before possible.

Hypothesis about cognition, behaviors, and pain states are particularly well suited for this technology.

Journals and surveys

Besides the ESM, doctors are also able to make use of journals within the app that will let them keep a good record of the specific symptoms for each case.

As an example, the Pain Journal, exclusively focused on pain symptoms as the name states, has a clear interface for maximum reporting of data. The logs are divided by pain location and intensity, subjective descriptions, as well as correlates to medications that have been prescribed and access to related study resources.

Other surveys and self-reports included in the application are the NIH approved PROMIS, Neuro-QoL, NIH Toolbox , and ASCQ-Me . More surveys such as the Rheumatoid and Arthritis Outcomes Score (RAOS) or the Neck Outcome Score (NOOS) are also available on demand. Hundreds more types of studies are coming available in the coming weeks.


Qolty is currently supporting a wide range of consumer and clinical wearables that can be connected with the application and more are expected to be added in the near future. These can be cross integrated with subjective surveys to create powerful data insights.

A few of these devices and their features are:

Microsoft Band: Fitness tracking including heart rate, distance travelled tracked by GPS, weight tracking, UV light monitoring, calories burned and sleep monitoring among others.
iHealth: Blood pressure and heart rate measuring instruments, glucometer, sensors to measure body fat, calorie intake, muscular mass and other fitness sensors similar to the Microsoft device.
ActiGraph: Research-grade activity monitoring and motion tracking. Data can be gathered offline and uploaded for detailed analysis.
Withings: Accurate and real-time weight tracking, activity and sleep monitoring, body temperature, automatic notifications and uploading of the gathered data for its analysis.
Fitbit: Accelerometer, altimeter, GPS to track distances, heart rate tracker, calories burned and other features.

Advanced modules

Qolty has entirely rebuilt their infrastructure to support mobile based advanced modules that allow researchers new possibilities in understanding patients. Some of these include:

Calor: A module that uses heat maps to detect patient engagement in video, reading materials, gifs, and more.
Corridor: Utilizing geo-tracking to understand patient behavior and spur triggered actions to maximize behavioral health outcomes.
Sonar: Deployment of digital recruitment for clinical trials.

Private Label

Thanks to Qolty, you are now able to build your own customized application designed to meet your specific demands. The Qolty team will also help you integrate it into Cerner and Epic and monetize your app for a sustainable growth trajectory.

The Qolty Private Label program which lets you get a branded app, branded website, and a private community to collect data from, will be the same as the Qolty app except that it will be entirely labeled as your own.

For more information about the latter option, please visit

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