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Idalita Wright Raso Explores Ancient Saturn Worship, Vampires and Curses in New Book Series-Eye of Saturn: The Daughters of Saturn Book One

Blood is the seat of the soul... Author Idalita Wright Raso is a freelance writer based in Cleveland, Ohio and currently writes feature-based stories for the Lake County Tribune in Ohio. Eye of Saturn: Daughters of Saturn is Raso's debut novel.

    CLEVELAND, OH, February 26, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Step inside the world's oldest and darkest religions--Saturn worship, filled with blood rituals, human sacrifices, she-demons, and black magick.

The Eye of Saturn series offers a unique twist to the vampire mythology by integrating it with the ancient worship of Saturn and a raging storm that actually took place on the planet Saturn on Nov. 9, 2006, where the tempest had an eerily human-looking hurricane-like eye--thus opening the "Eye of Saturn."

Set in medieval Spain. Felipe de Hayos, the son of a wealthy statesman is forced to marry a mysterious Moorish woman named, Lilith Al-Salameh. But Lilith is hiding a dark secret. She is actually Saturn's Immortal High Priestess, and plans to transform Felipe into an immortal, like herself.

However, Lilith's plans are dashed when a family friend and her daughter, Zaybeth Castile arrive at the de Hayos estate. It is love at first sight for Felipe and Zaybeth. Learning of her husband's betrayal, Lilith plots the lover's destruction and calls upon the Daughters of Saturn to open the Eye of Saturn--cursing Felipe into a vampire for five-hundred-and-fifty years and Zaybeth into the only one who can destroy him.

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