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If Only Our Leaders Would Wake Up to the Reality That It Is Humbleness That We Need to Create; in Order to Create Wisdom

The biggest task for our leaders to understand & tackle is that America is the #1 emotionally challenged country in the world. By creating humbleness we will be creating an emotionally healthy super power.

Humility is that empowering quality of human nature which enables one to be so absorbed with living (wisely) in the now that one has no conscious thought of self-identity.

    WASHINGTON, DC, June 21, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Humbleness is not about feeling meek or less; it is about rising above arrogance, vanity, ego and self importance to become selfless. Creating humbleness will be creating selflessness; that boils down to creating wisdom.

Since the ancient times our sages have understood that the best cure for the ills of society is to create a wise society. They have focused on trying to solve the mystery of wisdom in order to create wisdom. They have understood humbleness as an attribute of wisdom when wisdom is an attribute of humbleness. Thus wisdom is like the smoke where humbleness is the fire and naturally the only way wisdom/smoke can be created is by creating humbleness/fire.

The fundamental reason for all this confusion about humbleness is because we are still confused about the functions of the brain and mind. It is the humble brain that provides the focus for the mind to succeed in becoming wise. When the brain is egoistic it is physically too wired/busy producing toxic biochemicals to be able to produce the healthy biochemicals that generate wisdom.

We are already experts in producing humbleness by choice. We bring up our girls humble and our boys macho. It is the humbleness in our girls that makes them far more emotionally intelligent (wise). It is the machoness in our boys that generates the emotionally unstable behavior that results in a trillion dollars of damages in crime alone; not to mention student failures, domestic violence, child abuse...etc.

We also bring up both our boys and girls by ingraining the non humble belief of each one being the best. As a result we create trophy self images instead of the pure selfs. The trophy self image is focused on its own self aggrandizing agenda taking the brain functioning away from the brain actions needed to becoming wise and living a wise life.

As it is impossible to create the smoke/wisdom without the fire/humbleness; wisdom remains elusive. If only our leaders would wake up to the reality that it is humbleness that we need to create; in order to create wisdom. This simple shift in understanding is all that will put us on the path to a wise/emotionally-healthy society.

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