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iGOZEN: New Scientifically Proven Organic Cleaning Products Made of Seashells

iGOZEN Simply Clean 3 new patented products made from Seashells and scientifically proven to eliminate bacteria and pesticides in your home

    SIERRA MADRE, CA, June 12, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Have you ever worried about toxins and pesticides on foods? Moms, cooks and anyone who is preparing a meal are worried about it these days. Food cleaners don't seem to work. No one knows if they really do anything useful. It is frustrating and worrisome to try and keep your kitchen clean of food spills and caked on food in refrigerators, appliances and countertops, because you either need to use a chemical, toxic cleaner or suffer with "organic" cleaners that are either unproven or simply don't work well. Have you ever felt worried about pouring bleach down the drain into the ocean? Have you ever wondered just how many plastic bottles never get recycled? I know I have been concerned about these things. Even if the stress of everyday life keeps you too busy to think about it, deep down, probably you are worried, too.

Believe it or not, iGOZEN Simply Clean came up with a real solution to these problems and offers you a stress-free even pleasurable cleaning experience. Their line of 3 new, patented, you-can't-do-without kitchen products includes a Fruit/VegetableWash, a Meat/Fish Wash and an odorless, Everyday Cleaner that's safe to use near foods (and pets and kids!)

These new, patented products are made of seashells (and nothing else you can't pronounce). Finely ground into micro fine powders each product is made with a specific blend of seashells designed to remove pesticides and bacteria from foods (including meat). iGOZEN Fruit/Vegetable wash and the Meat/Fish wash are proven to eliminate 99.9% of e-coli and salmonella bacteria and neutralize the most common harmful pesticides found in fruits and vegetables.

Surveys show moms are so frustrated with organic cleaners - either too expensive, too smelly (from natural oils) or don't always work well. iGOZEN is scientifically proven and you can watch it work right before your eyes. Spray it on and in a long, zen-ful, deep breath, you can watch the dirt and bacteria, grime and pesticides melt away. This odorless Everyday Cleaner we have all been waiting for, is now here - and it works!

How iGOZEN Seashells Help the Environment

But what makes iGOZEN really unique is this: the micro fine seashell powders are sent to you in tiny packets that you mix with water in handy (and beautiful zen-style) reusable bottles. Thereafter, you just refill it again and again. Once you purchase your handy bottles, your refill packets are only $1.49 apiece - now that's quite a cost savings over other products - even less expensive than home remedies like vinegar. Also, the environment is spared the pain of shipping heavy bottles of cleaning solution over long distances (when you can just add the powder to water and make it at home!). That savings is passed along to you because iGOZEN never charges any shipping costs ever. At last, someone found an affordable product that helps the environment! Goodness knows, we certainly need that! According to the Clean Air Council for United States citizens: 2.5 million plastic bottles are trashed every hour in the United States and the number of glass bottles trashed every two weeks would have filled both World Trade Center towers. Reference:

So when iGOZEN sends you the micro fine powders and beautiful bottles, they also send extra labels for your other bottles (you know, the half empty ones under the sink) so you can reuse them too. Even the packaging can be reused because the box has a magnet in the back so you can stick it on your refrigerator and put index cards in there (great for preschoolers and mom's notes).

Because iGOZEN is made from sea shells, it is safe for the environment and people. Sounds like iGOZEN is trying to do something sensible about the environment and certainly you can feel better about helping to reduce pollution in our oceans and landfills using this product.

Seashells Clean & Sanitize

We know that sand or salt can clean and sanitize. But seashells? Seashells were once a part of a living organism and so provide a highly effective organic calcium substance that has the ability to clean and neutralize harmful acidic toxins. Who would have thought? These engineers should win an award for one of the greatest inventions ever since the washing machine. Safe, pure, organic and effective natural cleaners and food washes made from seashells! It's amazing!

The company offers a Sample Kit that includes one of each washing powders and a cute bottles for $4.95, if you use their Like Us on Facebook coupon. A complete Introductory Kit includes all three reusable bottles sells for $21.95 with 6 micro fine powder packets. Refills are sold in packages of 10. ($1.49 apiece)

iGOZEN has as its motto "Less is More": less stress, less hassle; more harmony with better (proven) results.

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About the Company:

iGOZEN is a movement and a philosophy of living as much as it is a product that is born from the sea and delivered to you with a footprint that is not only practical but beneficial. This movement is a hope to gain a more balanced relationship with our planet earth: "zen" or the art of being in the present moment, teaches us that we have this relationship and to respect this relationship.


iGOZEN's mission is to help people live a healthy and balanced life. A significant portion of product sales support the Balance 101 Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps people creates a more balanced lifestyle.


NEW! 3 new, patented Organic Cleaning products made of seashells that make kitchen cleaning & meal preparation pleasurable and stress-free. Enjoy iGOZEN micro fine calcium powder formulas for Fruit/Vegetable Washes, Meat/Fish Washes as well as the iGOZEN Odorless Everyday Cleaner that's safe for use near food, children and pets. iGOZEN Food Washes are scientifically proven to neutralize and remove harmful bacteria including e-coli and salmonella, most common pesticides and harmful antibiotics. iGOZEN Odorless Everyday Cleaner sanitizes and removes dirt and grime using the patented organic cleaning process. Mix with water in your own bottles or purchase one stylish iGOZEN reusable bottle and enjoy the price of the delightful refill packets at only $1.49 apiece (each packet makes 16oz of iGOZEN solution). Mixing iGOZEN powders with water at home reduces stress on the environment (we don't ship water). That's why shipping is always free when you order.

iGOZEN Simply Clean Washing Powders are effective, natural cleaning products for a healthier home. Our Everyday Cleaner will safely and effectively clean, while removing unwanted germs, bacteria and toxins. Our Food Washes will clean and purify vegetables, fruits, meat, grain and nuts by removing harmful bacteria, pesticides and waxes.

All iGOZEN products have been rigorously tested to verify the elimination of specific toxins. iGOZEN is scientifically proven to eliminate 99.9% of e-coli and salmonella bacteria, sulfur dioxide, the most commonly used pesticides, and many other contaminants.

- We are 100% organic, made from seashells and sea salts;

- We are the only alkaline natural cleaner and food wash that neutralizes harmful acidic toxins, pesticides and bacteria. This method is safe, effective and scientifically proven to work;

- iGOZEN is a patented product with U.S Patent Registration No. 7,662,416

- We package our product with environmental stewardship at heart;

- Because we save natural resources, we are able to pass along the savings to you with affordable organic products and free shipping;

- Using iGOZEN Simply Clean, you can reduce your carbon footprint on our planet!

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