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Inspiring New Business Offers 'Happiness and Healing Without a Prescription' After Astrological Discovery

Reflecting after her abusive marriage, Ms. Suchan discovered her children's astrology charts revealed alarming abuse indicators; prompting her to study the relationship between astrology, childhood experience and the human energy field, goes public.

It was a heart-stopping moment when I discovered the astrological birth charts of all three of my children had clear indicators of an abusive father.

    BUFFALO, NY, August 16, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Ten years ago, Rev. Suzanne Suchan, B.Msc. was in rough shape. She was clinically diagnosed with PTSD, had early warning signs of emphysema; and suffered with anxiety, night terrors, and alcohol dependence. She had a pasty, grey appearance and her shoulders were hunched in despair.

Today, she has the kind of energy that lights up a room and an unmistakable, contagious laugh. She has the moniker of "Pied Piper of Positive." And, she just opened her own private practice, "Happiness and Holistic Healing" in Orchard Park.

After escaping 22 years of domestic violence, she began intense work to understand common denominators between those who exhibit abusive behaviors and those who fall victim to those behaviors.

She studied the impact of childhood environmental factors and belief systems as it relates to the development of an individual's energy field (chakra system/aura) and physical symptoms. Then, she looked at the astrology factor.

"It was a heart-stopping moment when I discovered the astrological birth charts of all three of my children had clear indicators of an abusive father."

She dove deep into astrology, quantum physics and psychology, and resurfaced with a Bachelor's degree in Metaphysical Science and several certifications in disciplines of psychotherapy and energy medicine. With 9 years of field experience, she has now opened her own doors.

She educates clients to be aware of one's own power, to understand one's traits and personality tendencies, to raise awareness of the importance of self-love, to prevent the path of abuse like she experienced. And most importantly she helps her clients break the energy ties that bind them to outdated childhood conditioning.

Her healing practice uses a blending of holistic counseling and behavior therapy, energy medicine therapy, relaxation meditation, and classes. Her tools includes healing crystals, tuning forks, singing bowls, essential oils and incenses, and she has the latest biometric technology that provides aura photography, chakra health, and vitals.

"People think their way into illness by virtue of prolonged stress and old, suppressed energy - they can think their way into wellness by being consciously aware, and I can show them how."

What's even more unique about the way Ms. Suchan works is that she does not start your visit with a medical chart, but with an astrological birth chart or biometric energy reading.

"What I provide is friendly, touch-free, drug-free care, that is backed by science. It's happiness without a prescription!"

This is the first business of its kind in the southtowns "offering astrology, parapsychology and holistic therapy that is exclusive to the emotional and energetic needs of each individual - with verifiable results. It's all energy, baby!"

Ms. Suchan is a long-standing member of the Orchard Park Chamber of Commerce and is the current chapter Vice President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

Her practice is located in the Orchard Park Professional Center, 3623 Eggert Road, Suite 204, Orchard Park and is by appointment only: evenings Monday through Thursday, and days Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Walk-ins are currently not accepted.

Ms. Suchan's goal is that her practice will be successful enough to leave her current day job as a Computer Repair Technician at the IRS. "My life purpose is to serve others on their healing journey, but in the meantime, I fix people's computers." She also makes aromatherapy soaps and hand-paints healing angel jewelry.

Orchard Park has been Ms. Suchan's home since leaving her abusive marriage 10 years ago. She is a single mother of 3 (2 are grown) and has 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a bird.

For more information please visit or email [email protected].

Suzanne Suchan - Happiness and Holistic Healing is a private holistic practice in Orchard Park, NY, utilizing astrology, psychotherapy, energy medicine, and metaphysical tools to ignite the ability within each person to heal.

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